“rong Letter” Introducing Talents Attracted Huge Marketplace


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Hardware Network HC: Yongkang City Hidenobu Commodity Factory

The international economic crisis on the domestic influence of far more critical today, and several hardware firms declining orders, or even at the half-suspended or “sleep” state. However, daily necessities Yongkang Hidenobu factory is now functioning day and night, in an unprecedented peak season. What is the secret letter to Wing Commodity Factory on the existing crisis are so strong immune system? Reporter on December 19 at night visit the plant, opened its boom behind the veil??

In the Chicago streets Neriyui British village, a handful of rows plant lights, plane was “rumbling.” This is the letter of day-to-day necessities Yongkang Wing factory plant. When reporters entered the shop, a beauty stopped reporters unhappy and said: “Our goods not packaged nicely? Also not your acquiring goods.” She was sent to Nanjing, a dealer, “stare cargo”, and the journalists as a dealer decline to acquire a guest of the! Reporters on the scene saw numerous individuals are nervous on the glass for packaging, freight car on the other door in the workshop. Reporters had to get workshop leader, accompanied by his turn in every shop a bit, to see everywhere are in full swing in overtime. According to the individual in charge, the firm worked overtime to dry so there are three or 4 months, but always can not meet the specifications of clients all more than the planet are waiting to cargo consumers. What is so tight

goods? Still waiting for clients Cuizhe! Per pulse with the Nanjing factory original co-production of the most current technologies merchandise, “Nano-Power Electrolysis Spa Cup” went on the market on favored by customers, due to every day plant production Hidenobu temporarily not preserve up with market place demands, though the factory day and night, or in quick supply.

Yongkang Wing Factory is the production of fine letters every day cup, gift cup of skilled manufacturers, founded in 2003. The plant has been to make fine items and strict good quality closely, enterprises have created swiftly.

With the improvement of enterprises, “Rong letter” is not to enlarge their scale, but all the profits into R &amp D and talent introduction, the use of corporate executives are quoted as saying “understanding” and cited “intellectual . ” These days, the business paid pros employed by nicely-known businesses over the management of human sources for a number of folks, the complete management and middle management diploma, a lot more than the general good quality level of massive enterprises. Since the plant boutique

awareness and management of revolutionary suggestions and technological innovation enterprise spirit, brought on the industry’s respect and focus. In 2008, Gene Technology Co., Ltd. Nanjing per pulse electrolysis in the search for Nano-power production and operation of water therapy Cup Cooperation Companion, from the a lot of tips and good quality considerations in, choose the letter of every day necessities Yongkang Wing Factory. “Wing letter” a “Citation to know” reached a climax. So with today’s unprecedented prosperity and busy.

It is understood that micro-nano-power electrolysis Spa Wellness Association Cup is the base for life sciences study, Association for the Study of Chinese sub-health care suggested by a grand class science and technologies hardware products, with options of drug charges, anti-fatigue and more. This product has seven patents. It is owned by the Chinese Medical Academy of the National Drug and metabolism study center for clean water and water of the function with modest molecules identified following the China Disease Prevention and Control Center of the Environmental and Overall health Related Solution Security testing, physical and chemical indicators were satisfactory adopted Nanjing Good quality Supervision, Inspection and permit Nengshi fast weak base of ordinary water, and so forth. to verify. At the very same time also pioneered and created the National Power Cup of corporate requirements. Per pulse, according to Nanjing in

“Hidenobu” individual in charge: in April 2007, after approval of the Ministry of Overall health directly beneath the China Wellness Care Association, Gene Technology Co., Ltd. Nanjing per pulse Pukou Financial Improvement Zone in Nanjing, China Health Care Association to establish base in life sciences . Base has hired planet-class scientists and national professionals, such as Tan Zhen, Wen-Hu Ye, Shou-Yuan Zhao, Wu Chao as its scientific advisor. Use technology to promote items, are “per pulse” consistent philosophy, which by no means Kangrong Xin’s “understanding argument”, “talent recruitment” notion which led to the now multi-party cooperation, inter-provincial “marriage.”

Factory official told reporters: introduction of talents, equipment, transfer of technology, cooperation, and so had been lean had achieved the anticipated benefits, items from the cup to the higher-tech boutique “Energy Cup” conversion. Soon will be born “Yongkang per pulse.” Only the instant organization site, which restricts future development of enterprises. Simply because the “talent recruitment” achievement, “Jung believed” the vision is swiftly expanding output and solve a lot of labor employment. For that reason, the relevant departments for Yongkang people want, “Jung letters” of the site constraints and other troubles to be sufficient care and assistance.