Rong Computer software Outsourcing Business Jointly Take On A Large Single


Soft make contact with eighth in Chengdu will be opened on the 18th of this month. Reporter yesterday learned that in Tianfu Software Park, Hi-tech District, a large number of regional IT businesses in the soft get in touch with prowess for the duration of the show. Wiener Chengdu, Chen Zhu, vice president of Application Co., Ltd. stated they would INDEX Okinawa Japan Co., Ltd. a joint venture software organization, to undertake key outsourcing from Japan alone.

Chengdu application outsourcing enterprises concerned by the day

Soft-get in touch with session, led by the Wiener-Japan application outsourcing business, the theme has been successfully held three sessions of the Forum. This year the Forum will be held on the 19th. These days, Kevin Chen talk all things will turn about the soft-get in touch with, each and every handful of minutes, his phone would ring when. Chen cast alternately speaking Mandarin, Japanese, Sichuan dialect.

Chen Zhu stated that with the soft get in touch with will enhance visibility, and docking Japan much more smoothly, and invited the Japanese government, associations and corporate employees is no longer challenging. He said that the Japanese have grown accustomed to the Chengdu labeled “IT” label, Chengdu’s computer software solutions outsourcing increasingly of concern to the participants in Chengdu has become a Japanese enterprises to seek business possibilities in a way.

This year, Fujitsu, Fuji, Okinawa Prefecture and other IT companies and associations will participate in the soft make contact with will all of these Japanese-owned enterprises in the day IT organization model will provide tips and ideas.

Joint venture to undertake outsourcing

By means of the soft get in touch with of the platform, Chengdu obtain full cooperation with Japanese enterprises. Chen Zhu mentioned that in Okinawa in 2008 to participate in the sixth aspect Lairong soft contact will be initially established and the intention to cooperate in Chengdu. Following two years of hard operate, and now they are finalized with the complete cooperation of Chengdu, including routes, tourism and IT.

He disclosed to IT co-operation as the starting point, the software program will Wiener INDEX Okinawa, Japan Co., Ltd. a joint venture software firm. The organization has entered the final registration stage, controlled by the Wiener application.

Chen Zhu said that Chengdu’s labor expense benefit will support get a lot more outsourcing from Okinawa or Tokyo alone. Final month, the municipal authorities commissioned, the Wiener computer software organized 14 nearby enterprises to participate in Chengdu, Tokyo Comic Con. New Year’s Day in a a lot more earlier, organizational charter flights to Okinawa to check out neighborhood businesses and governments to market soft make contact with will be, the impact is extremely considerable. For the duration of this soft make contact with, Okinawa specially organized a group to attend.

According to Wiener software organizing, they will develop “a complete organization platform for the Japanese,” that is orders of Chengdu as a complete, not internal competitors, but the share market opportunities, typical to the market place a bigger cake.

Foreign instruction for the prosperity of regional industries

Final year, Wiener began to Indian application company Wipro Chengdu branch top application instruction and dispatch of personnel, the business also comparable for the NEC, Toyota and other enterprises. Chen Zhu said, from three years ago to market to the present, the software has Okinawa KBC Wiener Institute, Japan original application (MIJS) Association formation of a cooperative. In particular, enterprises that get on the list to college, students are exposed to the most genuine projects.

It is reported that the most recent program Wiener software program cooperation with UESTC, sent graduate students to study while operating in Japan. “The goal is to cultivate a bridge engineer,” mentioned Kevin Chen, this higher-end talent is lacking, such as research Bing back, maybe could bring some Occasion Best Rong, searching for to assistance following the project to hatch, the prosperity of our city can also the application sector.