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With the state Education Assistance, education industry Info Fast improvement, college, teaching educational administration, study management and office automation applications such as construction has begun to take shape. A specific scale of domestic universities have upgraded to Gigabit backbone network, enter the Gigabit era. Gigabit backbone effectively solved Campus Network Inside the bandwidth of the shortage of tens of thousands of schools to meet the demands of the user’s network, but the export of regional campus network nevertheless faces several challenges.

Hillstone rocks Net Branch Campus Network Safety Solutions Employing the 1st multi-core architecture Plus, employing self-created StoneOS seamless integration of multi-core CPU, created a particular safety chip StoneASICTM and the exchange price up to 48Gbps internal switching bus, producing Hillstone rocks Network Division goods and classic X86 architecture, NP architecture, ASIC architecture when compared to the functionality with a much more substantial upgrade.

Hillstone rocks Network Division Organization through long-term sensible expertise in the education industry, and realize a wide variety of user feedback, education, business, complexity of network status Visit Behavior varied, but the lack of secure and effective protective measures, campus information security, network safety troubles grow to be increasingly prominent. Has become the education business info center managers of key concern.

Info and network safety concerns continue to have an effect on the standard teaching and college management, mostly in low forward network, security management measures are not perfect, scoring inside and outdoors the network hacking, Laptop Vulnerabilities widespread misuse of network resources inside the user control the intensity of the weak, specially for the ARP deception, Trojan viruses, DDos malicious attacks.

Network Safety Specialist That the education market is a more complicated than the standard regions, want the safety sector, the education sector inside the network security in the entire safety plays an important position in the general campus network are huge, extremely complicated requirements.

Such as Peking University campus, is the largest campus networks, has completed 220 school buildings, office buildings, dormitories, faculty homes the fiber optic interconnection cable to offer information on practically 60,000 points, campus networks need to supply a range of access strategies, a unified campus network user authentication, unified management and unified billing and so on.

Top network safety gear vendors and resolution providers?? Hillstone rocks Net Branch organization, with specialist Technology Accumulation of power and enterprise in the education sector to expand the network security in depth, primarily based on deep understanding of the campus network, pragmatic investigation information, launched a new generation of tailored security options for campus network.

Hillstone campus network safety solutions, utilizing self-created StoneOS seamless integration of multi-core CPU, created a unique safety chip StoneASICTM and the exchange rate of up to 48Gbps internal switching bus, the protection of campus network safety, much more efficient meet the requirements of tens of thousands of campus network customers to help schools to complete ahead of the anticipated company objectives.

Hillstone rocks Net Branch organization launched the campus network safety solutions, has powerful anti-strike capability, for applications in numerous targeted traffic manage measures, a complete VPN remedy for internal network manage and conduct on-line control, overall performance, high reliability and higher stability, while Hillstone rocks Network Division first encrypted ARP protocol, resolve the ARP attack.

So far, Hillstone rocks Net Branch firms around education industry has formed a good reputation, with a wide variety of users, such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing Forestry University, Central University of Finance, Xi’an Jiaotong University, North China Electric Power University, Huizhou University, Jinan University, South China University of Technology and other campus network, Hillstone rocks net branch campus network security solutions and universal access to the campus network safety device users.

Hillstone rocks Network Division will continue adhering to the “close to the marketplace, close to the consumer, quickly grasp and meet buyer demand”, launched in different market solutions and items, helping Chinese users access to network security.