Robotic hand double the capabilities of human hand

Youbionic has proved that augmented reality can be not only virtual, but also robotic. A confirmation of this was its novelty – nozzle with two robotic brushes, which is attached to the forearm, doubling the capabilities of the human hand. An important detail of the robotic limb is that it is printed on a 3D printer.

The nozzle control, which is rigidly attached to the forearm by the mounting plate, is carried out by the index and ring fingers through the sensor system. Mechanical brushes, thanks to the six actuators Actuonix, alternately bend and unbend each finger.

However, the commercial does not say anything about why this robotic thing was made for 900 euros. Removed behind the scenes and its physical capabilities. As the developers themselves say, their offspring is intended for “improved” people of the future.