Robot Nvidia learns by imitating people

Robot Nvidia learns by imitating people

Engineers Nvidia have developed a system based on artificial intelligence, which is able to learn by imitating human behavior. Watching the “teacher” performing a particular task, the robot tries to repeat all of its actions.

In the future, the development of Nvidia will allow robots to work side by side with the person. The new system, for example, can help the plant cut costs and save on the services of expensive specialists in setting up industrial equipment. It will be enough for a human to simply show the robot what to do.

In addition, the system does not need to “feed” huge amounts of data. She herself explores the environment and compiles a list of actions. Subsequently, you can edit it by deleting unnecessary steps.

Nvidia showed the operation of the technology using the example of the industrial robot Baxter. The mechanism has learned to distinguish cubes by color and shape, move them from place to place and in the right sequence, peeping at the person.

A report dedicated to the development of Nvidia will be read at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). It will be held in Brisbane (Australia) from 21 to 25 May.

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