Rising Sales of DVD Using Analytics


Avatar sold a total of about 8 million DVDs in North America by July 25th, about 10 weeks right after its release, out of
which 3.two million copies have been sold on the opening day and six.three million copies had been sold by the week of May 9th.
Alice in Wonderland sold a total of about 3.7 million DVDs in North America by the week of July 25th, about 8 weeks
right after its release, out of which 2 million copies have been sold in the initial week.
Therefore, it is vital to maximize revenues during the first couple of weeks of a release. In the previous, production homes have
not responded, in a scientific way, to this challenge. Nonetheless, that trend is quickly altering. Marketers in production
homes are now turning to analytics to address this challenge.
The WNS Retail Inventory Arranging solution accomplishes revenue maximization by:
Effective Shop Allocation: It assists the Inventory manager figure out the number of DVDs to allocate to each shop of a
retail chain. The proper store allocation also aids in minimizing charges of re-shipments and returns, or lost sales due to beneath
or over provide.
Precise Out-of-Stock Prediction: It aids the Inventory manager identify retailers that are likely to go out-of-stock and,
therefore, are in need of replenishment. WNS’ solutions analyze street-date sales patterns at different shops to create
these crucial reports.
Positive aspects delivered by the WNS Retail Inventory Preparing answer incorporate:

Accuracy in predicting demand at retailer-level: This best-in-class model, which was employed by our customers, delivered 20
% greater forecast accuracy for most releases during the past year resulting in about USD two-3 million
savings on recovered sales opportunities and diminished stock-outs.
Timely listing of shops with greater out-of-stock risk: This greatest-in-class tool enhanced the efficiency of inventory
management for our clients by facilitating fast and timely replenishment, thereby reducing the quantity of stock-outs.
WNS Retail Inventory Preparing solutions equip the inventory manager with timeliness and accuracy in income-
maximizing decisions.