Retort Processing in Meals Technology


Actually speaking, there is no certain technology for processing any particular item in any distinct versatile containers. But there are good suggestions for processing the meals in versatile containers.

Fo-worth recommendations and technology guidelines from any technologists or institutes are to be understood as basic guidelines at best and ought to usually be applied in trial runs followed by microbiological evaluation.

When ever the processor receives the processing technologies from a technologies transfer center or a food study institute, it must be noted that the mentioned technology was developed only for that particular product, which was processed in a particular sort of retort (could be in a little pilot retort), with a certain recipe and formulation, with distinct pH value and with specific precooking procedures and cooling approach.

That particular approach technology must be applicable only for that certain product which must be processed in similar situations whilst it was developed by the concerned technologists.It is meaningless to apply the identical approach technology to other sorts of dissimilar goods. The processor has to create own distinct technologies for their certain solution based on the type and qualities of the merchandise, type of packing material, variety of retort, variety of sterilization technique and so forth. by following the international recommendations for the technology development.

Anytime the processor alterations any of the following parameters, he has to re-standardize the existing technology to make it suitable for the new item.

* The container size and kind (flat or stand up type pouches with different capacities)
* Orientation of pouches inside the retort (vertical or horizontal)
* Material and structure of pouches (aluminum foiled or microwavable)
* Sort of packing material (cans, trays or pouches)
* Head Space and amount of vacuum present inside the pouches.
* Solution Formulation
* Product quantity
* Recipe
* Retort (sort, size, or processing method)
* Pre processing methods
* Cooling method etc.

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