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Novation’s ReMOTESL series of truth, we have been just before Evaluation See “Novation ReMOTE ZeroSLMIDI controller evaluation,” a text, then Automap1. has startled individuals. Later, with the powerful Automap2. released, we once again carried out with the Nocturn evaluation, please see “in the history of the most stupid controller NovationNocturn testing and get began Guide” post. In 2009, Novation launched Automap3., our evaluation object is replaced by X-smelling cattle restricted edition ReMOTE37SL keyboard, the keyboard is to commemorate the Automap Technology British Queen Innovation Awards, particularly Make , The world’s only 999 units.

Green Limited Edition: The restricted edition ReMOTE37SL

functional ordinary ReMOTE37SL keyboard is precisely the very same, only the surface re-design, painted with spiral stripes of green and the green paint is the fluorescence (Figure 1,2). Looking back at my 20-plus physics as well (150 point scale), so I did not realize this now so-referred to as green fluorescence in the end there is nothing at all special, I am naive to think that silly light or with sunlight soon after the dark days of the Chin will problem a green light, Just like a wildfire on, but the reality from it.

Asked me to write to Novation, and so received a response a number of days, they said the board will not problem a restricted green, the green stripe just to make the keyboard look much more stunning, I am huge! Sui?

Figure 1: The Restricted Edition ReMOTE 37 SL

Figure 2: Limited Edition of the distinctive emblem

But anyway, what this post does not focus on what green limited edition, restricted edition 999 units worldwide to negative of a second to grab the value will be very pricey. I will talk about ReMOTE37SL following the use of feelings and new Automap3.. ReMOTESL get began and description see “NovationReMOTE ZeroSLMIDI controller evaluation” write-up, Automap2. see “in the history of the most stupid Controller Novation Nocturn testing and get started guide” post, I will not wordy up.

ReMOTE37SL controller: ReMOTESL series ought to be the largest quantity with MIDI keyboard controller, and it has:

8 an infinite rotating knob (Figure five)

8 a finite rotation knob 8 faders (Figure 4) 4 Section 8 buttons, a total of 32 buttons

6 away with manage buttons 8-of-band intensity of anti-pads 1 joystick control both modulation and pitch bend (Figure 3)

1 touch pad can simultaneously manage the X1, X2, Y1, Y2 four parameters

20 functional buttons 1 an infinite rotating wheel, adjust the controller’s model

Figure three: Rocker + touch pad Figure four: The proper side of the eight fader

Figure 5: The left side of the 16 knobs and 8 pad

Figure 6: Two-line show screen

Also worth mentioning that, ReMOTESL there are two little but quite helpful even though L CD Show screen, which can show two lines of content (Figure 6), so that even though you see the names of 16 kinds of parameters, and the existing place of the parameter values.