Respond To The New Regulatory Merchants Plush Toys To Electronic Toys


National Toy Standardization Technical Committee has been completed, “plush, cloth, toy safety and quality technique,” revision of national standards, the new requirements call for toys stuffing need to be uniform, moderate hardness and with no lumps. Plush, cloth program, modest plastic toys are not removable solid objects should be assembled, and the plastic components surface, no apparent chromatic aberration, distortion, cracks and scratches and so on. The new normal will come into impact on September 1, does not meet the standard may not be sold.

From Taobao, pat, Le Amoy info such as e-commerce web site indicate that the present plush toy category in the number and proportion of sales are the highest, but also encountered complaints, the difficulty the most. As we all know, like adopt a bear, plush toy pigs McDull is not only children, intimate companion, but also a lot of women’s “close buddy.” Nonetheless, a important number of enterprises are not familiar with the production of toys, do not understand the regular, the lack of specialist designers, low technological level, solution quality can not be successfully assured, filling in even garbage fertilizer.

The introduction of new requirements to safeguard the interests of buyers, but also pushed up the cost, though the new requirements beginning from September 1 to implement, but the news is still touched the plush toy industry chain of the participating enterprises. A number of manufacturing enterprises in Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province have began to adjust its procurement structure, and some sales enterprises have begun to address the backlog of supplies.

Electronic educational toys to grab industry share

Taobao learned from the existing best-promoting toy is a plush, followed by the animation and gaming peripherals peripheral items. Nevertheless, Taobao is a comprehensive e-commerce, the proportion is not a toy sector, the prime three, so the general effect on us.

Amoy is a toy and the music B2C internet sites require a direct response to the new regular test. Le Amoy spokesman said, in response to the government’s new regulations, the internet site has strict control over the procurement of plush toys, adjust the proportion of goods. The marketplace for kids, music Amoy plans to enhance its procurement of electronic puzzle toys for adults, markets, music Amoy aimed at novel practical electronic toys. It is learned that not too long ago the exclusive Le Amoy has been introduced in China, the largest production of Disney’s 2008 animated “Robot Story” in the Wall-e robot series. Amoy with the music, like many toy retailers have begun targeting the electronic procurement market place.

Although dealers have said they want to adjust product technique, but some manufacturers, mentioned plush toy to reverse the effects of mass and attraction, but also take some time. Plush toy as a tool for human companionship to appease the mood of the function of electronic toys may not be capable to replace. From abroad, market information shows that the proportion of plush toys have been the leading 3 in the sector. High quality inspection departments tips, market requirements of top quality protection, the new provision is not a blow to the market, but to the business specifications.