Research & Analysis on Hybrid Storage: Combining SSDs and HDDs Drive


CITATION: Dayalan, M. (2019). Research & Analysis on Hybrid Storage: Combining SSDs and HDDs Drive. International Journal Of Research And Engineering, 6(2), 603-606. doi:10.21276/ijre.2019.6.2.5

Author(s): 1Muthu Dayalan

Affiliation(s)1Senior Software Developer, ANNA University, Chennai, India

Abstract: The traditional Hard Disk Drives and the upgrading Solid State Drives (SSD) are popular for their storage traits that keep large mass of data. The two technologies provide users with a large number of I/O per second. However, the two have a limited space capacity and perform differently. The SSDs offer exceptional performance. However, as compared to HDDs, they have much less capacity per drive and are costlier. Depending on the organizational application workload, the needs of capacities and performance requirements make users to have different preferences. In the IT system, the challenges on the usage of SSDs and HHDs are navigation of price, performance, and capacity trade-offs between SSDs and HDDs. Determining the most cost-effective drive type for each workload type is essential and will be discussed in this research paper. With the new technologies, there has been a series of combination of SSDs and HDDs into a single storage pool. The reduction of the I/O bottleneck through the hybrid SSD and HDD storage is also analyzed based on the terms of maintaining cost of the cache manager through settling on newer budgets for organizational optimization on storage solutions.  

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