Replacing Hardware for Existing Odd Size Holes


This can imply that there is an situation when replacing the current odd size holes with other hardware.  How do you make the new hardware match the cabinets when the holes are also huge or too modest for your new hardware?  There are a handful of issues that you can do to get your new cabinet pulls and hinges to fit with no having to get new cabinets entirely.

When the holes are larger than the screws for the new hardware you can do one particular of two issues.  You can either purchase inserts to make the holes smaller sized and permit them to be capable to fit the new screws, or you can fill them with putty and drill new holes.  A lot of folks favor to use the inserts due to the fact they are simpler to use.  It also keeps the cabinets from obtaining too many holes.  Drilling new holes can offer a tighter match for the new hardware so that can be a optimistic for that technique.

These are significantly easier to deal with as long as they are positioned in the identical spots as the new hardware wants to be.  All you want to do in this scenario is drill the holes a bit bigger to accommodate the larger screws. If they are not spaced appropriately, then you need to use what holes you can by drilling larger, plugging the ones that are not required with putty and then drill much more holes for the rest of the hardware.

Some hardware can have odd hole placement as effectively as size.  In these extreme situations, you could require to fully commence from scratch.  This signifies filling the holes with wood putty, sanding them down and drilling new holes.  If you do not fill the holes with effectively, you end up with cabinets that appear like Swiss cheese.  We have much less difficult choices such as adjustable handles and backplates that can eliminate the require for any of this with odd hole placement.