Renewable Power Law Guidelines “quota Management Method” The Labor

tags April 15, held “The Second Asian Photovoltaic Summit,” the State authorities stated Energy Study Institute, the National Improvement and Reform Commission and the Energy Board are speeding up the improvement of “renewable power law,” a series of matching rules, which “renewable power quota management approach” is one of the critical 1.

 It is understood that a “quota management approach,” the draft has been finalized, and has begun to comments.

 Determine the quota is “persistent”

 April 1 this year, the revised “Renewable Power Law” went into effect. Even so, the most important “complete protection of the acquisition” program is subject to the administrative guidelines. East Mongolia, Gansu and other locations regularly are massive wind turbine has been reduce out of the phenomenon Forced efficient way to obtain “emergency.”

 Authorities said the “quota management approach,” will concentrate on implementing the “Renewable Power Law” in reference to “complete protection of the acquisition system”, which includes the identification of the obligation to undertake the implementation of the technique who take what certain quota obligations and stick to-up incentives and disincentives.

 The study, policy-makers assume the obligations of the quota system had been roughly delineated as the energy grid enterprises and massive enterprises. Nonetheless, the absolute amount of quota targets and establish the relative amount of “persistent” issue.

 In response, the NDRC Power Investigation Institute, corresponding recommendations. Which includes its recommendations based on the actual capacity to allocate a specific quantity of duty bearers of renewable power generation or transport indicators, not only to decide the ratio, but also to figure out particular period of time (eg one particular year) the absolute amount.

 Analysts think that the improvement of renewable power, new power projects the current production price soared, but the power company’s grid-consumptive enthusiasm is not higher, the power company’s obligation to determine the indicators for the quota holders, is expected to “barber Tiaozi a hot “status changed.

 According to authoritative sources, the quota indicator will decide the country’s power structure adjustment, coordination, should be advantageous to the strategic improvement of emerging industries, which is comparatively much more emphasis on non-hydroelectric renewable power improvement. Especially, the 1st key network security can be incorporated in the wind power, solar and other renewable power generation into the scope of the quota.

In September 2007 “issued by long-term improvement program for renewable power,” non-hydroelectric renewable power offers for the mandatory industry share target in 2010 and 2020, covering a massive area of non-hydroelectric power renewable power energy generation in total energy the proportion of electrical energy respectively 1% and 3% interest total installed producing capacity of more than 5 million kilowatts of investors of non-hydroelectric renewable energy creating interest in installed capacity, respectively, of their rights and interests should be the total installed energy generation capacity 3% and 8%.

 The individual mentioned that the future interests of five million kilowatts of installed capacity standards may be adjusted upwards to nine million kilowatts. Nevertheless, the determination of the quota target game involving numerous interests, has but to be determined.

 For the law “teeth installed”

 According to reports, and amendments to the former’s “Renewable Energy Law” distinct, new version of “Renewable Energy Law” and its rules will be incorporated into incentives. The quota for the timely completion of business, directory, and so forth. will be open for honorary encouragement, and for failure to comprehensive the company, will give concrete punitive measures, which is equivalent to the “Renewable Power Law”, “loaded teeth.”

In response, many new energy organizations have applauded. Nevertheless, the head of the Central PV also have a tiny concern, he believes that if the intensity of punishment as well light, it is difficult to play the anticipated results. The reason is that many of the new energy project internet site of building far from the primary grid, in order to make the new power energy grid want to invest heavily in creating the transmission line, if the fine amount is not higher, energy companies may pick to accept the penalty.

 He mentioned that the remedy of renewable power electricity grid is tougher and requires power of an enterprise, but also calls for the project operator with the power of the current layout of construction projects, the need to have to strengthen communication and coordination between the two.

 Development and Reform Commission disclosed that the future regulation of the quota technique will be strong sector to bear, it now seems, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the possibility of higher energy bureau.