Renesas Technology 2009 Precipitated A Steady Release Innovative Technology


2009, the global financial crisis, the damaging spillover effects all through the world. China Semiconductor Size of the market place fell to 68.2 billion U.S. dollars, down six.eight% more than final year. Compared to robust growth more than the past handful of years, the Chinese semiconductor industry, this is a huge drop. Nevertheless, it is in such extreme challenges, Renesas Technologies (hereinafter referred to Renesas) has with his regularly good enterprise approach, nonetheless in the consumer Electronic , Automotive electronics and other fields to preserve a steady growth trend. With Chinese electronics makers and research institutes all close Cooperation Long-term development with a typical technique of Chinese enterprises, are paying off. Sound strategic layout with leading solution technology for precipitation years of Renesas, additional release of effective power.

Institutional modify, strengthening policy

2009 four 1, the new Renesas Sell And support system implemented in China. Below the new structure, sales and technical help by the Sales Division, Advertising And engineering division is accountable for two departments. Alter the method initial to break the framework of the division of labor by sector, the firm set up a sales division (sales window Chinese consumers), marketing and advertising and engineering technologies division (for buyer support and sales strategy improvement). Which sales will be primarily based on consumer geographical differences in the properties and applications are subdivided into different sectors, primarily to unify diverse solution lines in China Renesas sales window. Marketing and engineering division is further broken down by product category, sales strategy improvement aimed at strengthening the capacity, although enhancing buyer technical assistance professional degree.

Technological breakthroughs, Accumulate

Throughout 2009, in addition to the strategic strengthening of Renesas, the solution is technically in the style and continuous breakthroughs. In the MCU in the field, Renesas M16C loved ones launched a leading-level solution?? R32C/one hundred Series CISC (Complicated Instruction Set Pc) MCU, the frequency variety of items up to 50MHz, is a floating point unit, and nine with a string line interface channel 32-bit MCU, superior product performance and can offer you a selection of packages and a mixture of on-chip memory for consumers to choose. In the automotive electronics field, in order to create a new generation to meet consumer demand dashboard graphics, Renesas launch systems based on next-generation chip (SoC) SH7264 auto dashboard with graphical development platform. It integrates SH7264 Chip , Memory (FLASH, SDRAM), video input interface, stepper motor manage, L CD Display output as effectively as CAN bus, so that users can rapidly assess the overall performance of the system, users can also attain the ultimate improvement platform, the initial consumer demand. In the industrial control field, to make a much more comprehensive understanding of domestic engineers in the Motor Handle Renesas Technology’s leading edge, Renesas on-line forum for the initial time produced public without having Sensor Vector motor handle applications, sophisticated technical experts in the field program was unanimously authorized engineers and triggered widespread concern in the sector. In the common solution category, it is launched on behalf of 12 ten, for servers, Communicate Equipment and industrial equipment applications such as field Power supply Used in isolated DC-DC converters new energy MOSFET products to help clients reduce switching losses, although power efficiency, also has a wide voltage tolerance variety (40V, 60V, 80V and 100V).

Speedy rise especially in the domestic automotive electronics improvement approach, Renesas microcontrollers and SoC dedicated to automotive goods expansion. In such items, mainly for the powertrain system and automobile data system (CIS) of the SuperH household of high-finish solution line is continuously getting used by many users in the planet. Automotive semiconductors ranging from energy train systems to safety (active security systems / passive security systems), instrument panels, automotive network, chassis systems, body and comfort gear, Auto Audio Car info method (CIS), and so on., covering virtually all of the vehicles characteristics. A auto carrying the MCU are from numerous tens to numerous hundreds, according to different makes use of, the needed functionality and performance MCU is colorful. Renesas semiconductors in automotive applications, safety has R8C, M16C, H8SX, R32C, and SH (SuperH) and other rich goods. For different purposes, the strong product line, the most higher end of the SH household focused on the powertrain, chassis systems, active security systems, digital instrument panel, CIS and other products essential a higher degree of processing applications, is continually expanding industry.

Comprehensive cooperation, promote innovation

In addition to item technologies and strategy layout to take the steady strength, the Renesas actively promote the Chinese Government and relevant sector organizations.

Changchun municipal government to obtain to assist, “the use of advanced wireless networks Intelligent Public Transport Management Program, to attain actual-time bus operation management, optimizing public transportation method functionality, enhance urban site visitors capacity,” “the establishment of targeted traffic management and driver details platform protected driving data, operation and management of info, a substantial improve in transport efficiency and safety rating program to strengthen property city of Changchun City, the status of trade “,” to supply passengers in the auto multimedia true-time traffic info and dynamic info along the way to maximize the public to meet the demand for public transport modernization, “” bus in the transit website supplies information on running time, while offering entertainment and advertising, multimedia details, and further enrich the method operator function, “these four purposes, Renesas Technology back in June 2007 will be with the local government signed Changchun ITS Intelligent Transportation developing plan of intent, and by means of the intelligent transportation method test program. In 2009, the world’s very first bus lines operating ITS method successfully tested in Changchun. Via the implementation of ITS systems can have a number of effects worth the wait, 1st on safety, site visitors accidents can be lowered by 50%, the number of deaths decreased by 50% in improving the environment can also make a wonderful contribution, such as carbon dioxide can be lowered by 15%, 30% reduce carbonate compounds to boost transport efficiency, can be decreased by 80% of the targeted traffic jam, while fuel consumption can be lowered by 30%. At the very same time, ITS systems, the will bring 50 billion yen in the application market to start off due to the fact the system involved in the field of ITS is extremely wide, not just transportation, details, standard information there can pull up a number of sector, Therefore, the pulling impact on the economy it is really huge. In addition, from order management, ITS can play a excellent function, simply because its real-time visualization, you can capture in the urban areas of the crime, created significantly of the monitoring outcomes, it is estimated that 30% of the city can minimize crime.

2009 11 22, Renesas has been a continuous sponsor