Renault Twizy – the best electric car of Bermuda

Renault Twizy - the best electric car of Bermuda

Renault Twizy – the best electric car of Bermuda

The laws of Bermuda prohibit the rental of cars with ICE, and until recently the peak of comfort for tourists was the usual moped. Now Renault Twizy electric cars came to the islands and immediately became the car number 1. But what is so attractive about them, besides the very fact that you’re going, and not walking?

Ascetic design – there are no windows, and there are no locks on the doors, because there are no car dealers on the islands. Here there are only one place for people, and the doors just go up, so it does not matter which side to go to the typewriter. The steering wheel, shift button, turn signals, and on the dashboard only a battery charge sensor and a simple speedometer.

Renault Twizy can accelerate to 45-50 km / h, but can not – the rules limit the movement in Bermuda by 35 km / h. But it’s easier to maneuver on the narrow and winding roads of the island and on one charge you can drive 50 km. The inhabitants of the islands have already built the charging stations in key points of the region.

In Twizy there is no trunk and the weight is easier to put on your knees, but there is a place behind the driver’s seat, where one passenger will squeeze if desired. He will be quite uncomfortable, because the small wheels of an electric car will count all the potholes on the roads, but if that – to push the car out of the ditch is not difficult. An excellent option for the tropics.

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