Refute The Hardware Industry Advantage Downplay The Pearl River Delta


According to media reports, there are numerous coastal cities in the Pearl River Delta hardware sector have shown a good momentum of development. Of these cities, especially in Zhongshan, Dongguan, Foshan and other a lot more noticeable. January to February of this year, the PRD order predicament enhanced foreign trade enterprises, import and export value also showed important development compared to final year, despite the shortage of labor, raw material rates have dogged the standard operation of hardware sector, but this is only short-term, the Pearl River Delta neighboring Southeast Asian nations, ASEAN has launched a zero tariff, I think the future will get much better. For the hardware manufacturing to cheaper labor in central and western places of the transfer of a single said that this can only be casual.

 According to the Guangdong Provincial Financial and Trade circles stated that this year the Pearl River Delta area foreign economic and trade environment will be a “market place circumstances improve, the company atmosphere is worsening” circumstance, even though the hardware manufacturing business as 1 of the Pearl River Delta Sector, this hardware companies The advantage will be maintained.

 Zhongshan City, identified as “producing the city”, which has 26 state-level industrial bases. Recently, this in order to produce lighting, clothes and other well-recognized domestic and foreign cities, began to change the path of industrial development, new energy business, gear manufacturing and other sophisticated manufacturing industries has grow to be protagonists.

 According to the author to comprehend, in order to transform and upgrade classic industries, Zhongshan City, progressively waterfront equipment manufacturing, new energy equipment, fine chemicals, well being, medicine and other advanced manufacturing as a major line of industrial improvement.

 , Zhongshan City, the new energy industry as an emerging industrial development and industrial transformation and upgrading the principal direction of a breakthrough, formulated the “Zhongshan City, the development of new power saving environmental protection business planning” and implementation of applications to help the establishment of 1 billion new power funds, concentrate on the improvement of wind power equipment , LED lighting, new energy car energy and manage systems, solar power gear, bio-energy gear manufacturing and power-saving services to six significant industries.

 In addition, Zhongshan City, also to speed up the upgrading industrial clusters has been formed now household appliances, hardware, lighting lighting, textiles and garments and other 10 key market clusters, cluster the city’s total industrial output value of more than 70%. View of this, hardware tools industry is nonetheless building, Zhongshan City, the leading industries.

 March 22, Dongguan City, held in 2009 in recognition of the Basic Assembly, summed up the patriotic well being operate, Dongguan and was re-“National Health City” title. The “world factory” known as Dongguan City, thus will acquire far more focus. The Dongguan City of processing hardware mechanical and electrical manufacturing organizations will also get large orders. This indicates that, Dongguan City, electromechanical hardware business will usher in much more improvement opportunities.

 In Foshan, Guangdong Province, as far as I know, its lighting business will be strong into the electric automobile sector chain, to achieve the broader development.

 According to recent media reports, in view of the market place outlook for the motive power battery market is nonetheless large space for improvement, Foshan Lighting Company to be at 1.six billion acquisition of Hefei Higher-tech Power Energy Co., Ltd. Country Hin 20% stake in the use of Foshan lighting is presently being invested The upstream product lithium resources, strive for the future formation of lithium carbonate, lithium batteries, the new energy of pure electric autos, industrial chain. This indicates that, Foshan lighting and hardware organizations are also adjusted their development methods in response to changes in the circumstance.

 So, the above evaluation point of view, China’s coastal regions, though beset by labor shortage, but as the number of countermeasures have been proposed, the labor shortage is easing. After all, China’s economic improvement in coastal areas is an essential spot, right after decades of improvement have turn out to be our “planet factory.” The question of no matter whether the hardware business, the transfer to the central and western regions, I think that this is not a rapid repair to what is bound to undergo a extended and challenging method. In the improvement of the future, all are no fixed quantity.