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100 Abstract: With Rear reform society entities, individuals began to reform the conduct of a fierce struggle, but as time went on, reform of the remains. This article will concentrate on the reform of university logistics entities, the troubles of society to go over, and draw the corresponding countermeasures. So that the schools in the Logistics and entities to guarantee a stable social reform and improvement, but also to satisfy the quick interests of the workers back.

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1, the current reform of the social entity Rear issues. 1 Rear aging management pondering. 1st, in the Logistics and entities in social reform, due to extended-term by the planned economy, college bound and schools to do the idea model of society, the reform ought to Rear social industry economy mode of operation is not significantly of a time concepts great to change. For that reason, though in the Logistics and entities have already implemented the reform of society, but they still had that attitude of, as in the pre-reform, element of the logistics employees at operate “and so on, rely on, to.” Right after the reform, the teachers and students due to the impact of competition on logistics management and solutions and a lot more demanding. Some ideas did not modify the logistics employees, the face of this sudden turn of events and the added demands at operate can not adapt, typically difficulty thinking of feelings. Second, University Logistics, some university employees logistics entity is a monk a single day hit when a single of the three, only to do paid sexual solutions, for free sexual services, they are holding the attitude of indifferent, or drilling of the country on their regulatory mechanisms are not successful, does not sound legal loopholes, the perform is belittled, and prevarication, the attitude of rejection.

two, Rear poor good quality staff. All along, as university teachers and researchers in the past is only concerned about the quality of personnel, introduction of a big number of outstanding teaching Talent Compared to the introduction of the help staff personnel are not paid enough consideration, do not feel that what these Technologies Content material, what people can do back workplace into the university. So in the Logistics and entities following the reform, the functionality of the solutions of these officers believed not powerful, low skill level, not higher education issues.

three, Rear institutional troubles. University Logistics in China much more than a decade of reform in recent storms, the university’s logistics management program is not fundamentally changed, logistic service entities is still no actual reform of property rights method, logistics management organizations or subordinate to the leadership, their lack of independent decision-producing power. The Rear entities in the implementation of social after the agreement or contract in between schools and the connection in between the logistics of college function, primarily on the back by the school function in the formulation and revision. This is still in the college enterprise, regardless of the mode is tough to create logistics enterprise, which also led to adverse service logistics company entities, focusing on quick-term advantages, as a result affecting the good quality of logistics.

4, Rear mechanisms. Rear entities soon after the reform, the management mechanism is not effectively for the reform of the distribution of advantages in employees, nonetheless, “egalitarian” policy, resulting in a lack of employees awareness of fair competitors, mobilize the enthusiasm of the employees can not take the initiative and creativity. For the functionality evaluation mechanism nonetheless stay in traditional qualitative assessment phase, the lack of quantitative indicators of incentives, such as Appraising, promotions, bonuses, benefits distribution, etc., in the finish is based on what kind of indicators, not clearly defined, so that evaluation is a top the final say, but individuals involved in the assessment is below going by way of the motions.

II, University Logistics Reform Method. 1, the university help employees into the notion of social reform and innovation. As China’s economy continues to market place-oriented, community-primarily based entities Rear deepening the reform trend, university help staff need to address these changes. Initial of all, the kind of deep-rooted to be abandoned in the past thought, to realize the reform of University Logistics has grow to be the objective needs of social and financial development law, is greater Education The objective wants is the improvement of a Rear trend. When the University Logistics is also an initial try to stage the reform, the university help employees should perform to do to their personal function against the continued use of old concepts to appear at the reform of University Logistics.