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tags In Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, in Taiyuan, the enjoy … … swept the nation has turn into “the reason is adore”, has grow to be a necessity for females gorgeous mind. Beijing Wang Jing Science Park’s adore building, is the birthplace of these gorgeous, research and development and Marketing Network hub is situated here. All the time, love the headquarters and branch offices situated all through the nation have maintained close ties with timely, sharing the gorgeous message.

1993 3 eight, Beijing really like Underwear Co., Ltd. was founded at Beijing. Soon after 15 years of development, the business is committed to “generate beauty, enjoy of the” brand culture, brand underwear, specializing in the style, manufacture and marketing and advertising of its own “love”, “LaClover”, “Stunning Enjoy”, “enjoy men” 4 Fantastic Brands. According to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, China Organization Info Center to monitor statistics Statistics, adore underwear marketplace in China for 3 consecutive years ranked very first extensive share. Enjoy goods have been awarded 4 consecutive “Beijing Renowned Brand.” March 2007, “enjoy” won the “China Clothes Brand Year Organizing Award. “September 2007” enjoy “trademark was recognized as” China Popular Brand. “

Numerous renowned brands in the domestic competition in underwear, enjoy Why can come to the fore, was a favourite of several buyers and the market place is widely recognized? Appreciation of the enjoy with, adore with the curiosity of the author in the early spring day into a love constructing.

Effective coordination, grasp the business possibilities in the details
Beijing Wang Jing Science Park, numerous shopping centers and industrial workplace buildings, they adore constructing a downtown dotted among these. Positive working hours, employees come and go inside buildings. The initial floor of the hall in the encounter, and a group of lively young stunning girl, a ray of scent drifting across, you can really feel like they are and enjoy arouses admiration. This vibrant girls, is a sort of declaration?? City itself is beautiful.

Love experience in the store, men and women can pay a visit to and buy at any time. As a fan of really like, I naturally can not miss. Sexy, comfortable, light, vibrant, and purchased a bunch of products, the author holding these lovely flowers to the checkout. Counter computer, ERP timely and orderly transfer hyperlinks with associated information sent. Discount for a easy set foot on the approval approach has been led by a few minutes after marking and signing. Thus, the author tickets discount consumed one, easy really like clinch their favourite.

Also helping the author was surprised by the approval procedure so practical not only in Beijing can be completed swiftly, in other parts of the country can attain this. According to reports, the everyday standard manual approval approach because of its complicated, time-consuming, low efficiency, has in the past impacted the company’s all round function efficiency. Now, wealthy ERP Buddies Management Application for the adore of the Beijing headquarters and branches located throughout the country erected among a unified collaboration space and mobile collaboration and effective management. Data in this space, orderly flow, fast and direct access, the business headquarters in the shortest attainable time to grasp the progress of work about to locate enjoy in diverse regions of the R &amp D and Sell . This not only provides the decision basis for the headquarters, but also to protect the branches and timely communication and coordination with headquarters.

Encounter in the enjoy shop and office developing area, you can truly realize the synergy and effective. Nowadays, more than 90% of the firm form the Friends through the rich ERP system for automatic transfer and approval, procurement, production has been properly controlled the organization procedure, project documents, function with each other, perform plans and other information can be shared at any time, can method reservations and access at any time, generating the visualization of the benefits successfully to improve management visibility.

To retain all the information, which is the core of collaborative applications in enjoy. This info is created adore to seize the possibilities, but also to make enjoy to capture the style and beauty.