Rcd: Alter In Mode Of Improvement Need to Give Priority To Developing Rural Vocational Education –

tags “Thanks to the training college, so I discovered a talent and a smooth Employment Also gave me added confidence of good results. “Tengchong in Yunnan Province, a rural student in second grade, because the physical disability, household poverty, junior high school graduation when he left the door into the vocational school. Right after graduation, he went to Guangdong Wen’s Food Group function, and soon the loved ones turn into rich.

This scene, to the then rural places in the college survey Vocational Education NLD central leadership has left a deep impression. ZANU-PF Central Committee on the basis of full investigation, very first to the third session of the CPPCC National Committee submitted a written statement, we need to modify our financial and social development, it is required consideration and priority to the development of rural vocational education and expertise coaching. March 3, press Interview The CPPCC National Committee member, Democratic League, vice chairman of Zhejiang CPPCC Vice Chairman Xu Hui, CPPCC National Committee, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Rural Improvement Institute of Policy Analysis Workplace of EU and USA, ask them to his group’s study, and vocational education in rural regions improvement proposals.

The vocational education into new rural building plan

Status Research Enhance the overall top quality of the completion of the rural population, to promote new rural construction, urban and rural improvement to attain the historic task of the Party Central Committee’s main strategic choices, obtain this purpose, we have to rely on a sound technique of vocational education and abilities education.

According to preliminary estimates, at present 35 years of age in China’s rural surplus labor in practically 2 million people, and to 1,300 million per year boost, but have received vocational education and capabilities instruction significantly less than 10%.

Ideas EU and USA members If Bacheng far more farmers have never received the relevant education and expertise instruction, how to construct a new socialist countryside? For that reason, to foster culture and comprehend Technology , Will operate the new farmers, we should accelerate the improvement of vocational education for rural.

Change the development mode, adjust the financial structure is sound and fast financial and social improvement of the key. This calls for that we have to attach importance to the improvement of vocational education and capabilities instruction to vocational education as the “3 rural” services, an critical way to train new farmers to meet the financial and social workers and skilled for higher good quality Talent Wants. Financial improvement of our nation is in a vital stage of the altering way of strengthening vocational education in rural regions, rural labor force for the modernization of agriculture and to secondary and tertiary industries of the need to transfer the existing is specifically crucial.

In the development of vocational education in rural places, we need to spend specific interest to vocational education into the neighborhood financial and social development program, to keep away from the spread of educational sources to market vocational education scale, specialist and industrial layout and development of the neighborhood match.

Particular education funding cut in the proportion of vocational education

Status Analysis Because 2004, the national expansion of enrollment in the post given that the size of our college in the speedy improvement of vocational education, enrollment more than 860 million folks in 2009, the number of students reached in 2200 million, but funding for vocational education’s share of total education investment, only 8%.

It is estimated that, as in the vocational education training base building and acquire of experimental gear into bigger, secondary vocational college students are high school running price is about two.six occasions, the Government allocated an average of only the exact same level of common education funds 60%, several students had been in grade college funding, education conditions, teachers and other school conditions, nonetheless brief of fundamental requirements.

Suggestions Xu Hui members In rural vocational education analysis, I see a lot of rural schools teaching staff or a “blackboard chalk added,” This folks are extremely sad. We must co-ordinate in higher college vocational education and the development of vocational education in rural places to improve the efficient input.

Proposed vocational education for the rural regions, and establish a economic investment based, multi-channel financing of the protection mechanism. Government expenditure on education should be a clear reduce on the proportion of vocational education and vocational education to obtain the financial investment elevated year by year, in certain, to increase efforts to help agriculture-connected professions. Need to strive to vocational school student in the near future funding of not much less than ordinary higher college. Strengthening the rural infrastructure vocational college coaching, specialist teacher coaching schools and enterprises Cooperation The launch. In addition, through the industry, additional expand the rural vocational schools funding. Actively mobilize the initiative of enterprises, encourage market, enterprise vocational schools, to encourage enterprises to enhance investment in vocational education.

Last year, and agro-poor rural students in reading in the expert level has been free of charge, and wants the state to additional market the improvement of vocational education to totally free education a priority in the Midwest and the old, modest, side, and poor locations, and the 3 Gorges Reservoir Region and other immigrants reside region.

Open up the front-line technicians to rural vocational part-time channel