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About Radiotherapy
Radiotherapy, a lot more then any other treatment modality, relies heavily and usually exclusively on health-related imaging to decide the extent of disease and the spatial relation among target area and neighbouring healthier tissues. Radically new approaches to radiation delivery are inspired on CT scanning and treat sufferers in a slice-by-slice style employing intensity modulated megavoltage fan beams. For high quality assurance of complex 3-D dose distributions, MR primarily based three-D verificative dosimetry on irradiated phantoms has been described. As therapy delivery becomes increasingly refined, the require for accurate target definition increases as nicely and sophisticated imaging tools like image fusion and 3-D reconstruction are routinely used for therapy organizing. While in the past patients were positioned on the remedy machines based exclusively on surface topography and the effectively-recognized skin marks, such strategy is no longer adequate for higher-accuracy radiotherapy and unique imaging tools like on-line portal imaging are used to confirm and appropriate target positioning. Considerably of these applications rely on digital image processing, transmission and storage, and the improvement of requirements, like DICOM and PACS have significantly contributed to these applications. Digital imaging plays an rising function in several places in radiotherapy and has been basic in new developments that have demonstrated influence on patient care.
Scope of Practice – Radiotherapy Technologist

A multi-disciplinary group of overall health care specialists delivers radiotherapy. The use
of radiation and radioactive components to provide radiotherapy is governed by
legislation. The practice entails the calibration and upkeep of radiotherapy
gear, treatment preparing, patient immobilisation and verification that the
treatment given matches the remedy strategy. The Radiotherapy Physics Technologist
gives scientific and technical solutions to ensure the delivery of high good quality and
proper radiotherapy to sufferers.

Broad overview
The Radiotherapy Physics Technologist is involved in a range of activities within
radiotherapy physics. Including dose planning for external beam megavoltage
therapy, mould space, brachytherapy, machine quality assurance (QA), in-vivo
dosimetry, routine dosimetry and virtual simulation.

The scope describes the broad variety of services provided and the activities
described reflect current clinical practice inside person oncology departments.

Specialised tasks
The newly certified Radiotherapy Physics Technologist need to be able to:

Dose Arranging
Verify the relevance of patient information and patient related information to ensure validity,
consistency and completeness.
Offer treatment parameters and dosimetric data for individuals to undergo
Transfer of data from imaging equipment to computerized treatment organizing
Outline anatomical structures for normal circumstances.
Design and style an individual remedy strategy for common therapy tactics.
Carry out straightforward dose calculations for regular treatment strategies making use of information
provided by a clinical scientist.
Transfer data to and from the treatment organizing technique.

Virtual Simulation
Transfer data from imaging gear.
Outline anatomical structures for instance, external patient contour.
Define remedy field parameters for basic therapy strategies making use of virtual
simulation computer software.
Define acceptable isocentre.
Conform remedy fields utilizing multi-leaf collimators and so on.
Mark beam directional shell with relevant reference points.
Transfer information to record and confirm systems and/or therapy organizing method.

Mould Room
Take appropriate impressions of patients making use of a range of impression materials
in order to manufacture treatment devices.
Manufacture individually custom made beam path, modifying and shielding
devices for radiotherapy remedy.
Monitor and react to changing wants of the patient whilst in the Mould Area or
undergoing brachytherapy procedures.
Give guidance and point of contact for patients all through the Mould Space
Operate a broad range of mould space equipment such as vacuum forming
machines and computerised block cutting gear.
Manage and manage stocks of materials used in the mould area.