Radio Technologies all around!



My property is fully equipped with a two way communication – in other words a two way radio. Now it is certainly a question to ask how that is possible. Effectively it surely is. Two way radio communications is not restricted to walkie talkies alone. It is an extension of the radio technology into a lot of elements. For instance due to advancement in technology, now we also have the two way radio microphones, in contrast to the hefty walkie talkies, they are a lot more portable and practical to carry and one can multi task with these. But once more, old habits die hard we also have the digital two way radios which send across text messages. There are others which send a numeric message or beeps for pagers, but of course these are for high end truncated messaging solutions, coded messaging services and so on. These days, these two way communicators also have the higher finish capability of transferring data as located in the Net Protocol (IP). Several of these two way radios come with the popular ham batteries which are specialist batteries for two way radios.

Also, two way communication is not limited to just this – there are lot several dimensions to it. We have absolutely heard of the AM and FM Radio technologies, that is, the Amplitude Modulation and Frequency Modulation.  Channels are assigned to the common radio stations, but for individual use, individuals generally use frequency numbers instead of channels. There is a memory in these devices which tracks down your frequently utilized frequency. For private use a UHF or Ultra Higher Frequency if sufficient due to the fact it has a shorter wavelength and is more appropriately used for a single constructing etc. the VHF or Quite High Frequency is utilised for extensive reach specifications.

And if you believed that the two way radio communication is often transportable, believe once more. It is a technology, not a patent for portability. Another quite intriguing use of two way radio communication is the ‘wireless callbox’. Now do you recall communication with the safety guard outside your building or apartment or bungalow with the aid of the ‘phone’ device? Effectively, you guessed it proper this is an instance of a two way communication radio. It makes use of the very same technology, precisely. And if you recall a buyer calling the shop helpers from a phone box, yes, that is the identical technologies once again.

And not to forget, the phone we use is also a two way communication method, radio rather. And the famous mobile telephone company Motorola was first into radio technologies, and later it came up with the exciting cellular devices.

So, who says we are not surrounded by radios? Appear about your self and get connected with ham batteries.