Psychology: Lose weight with the power of thought

Clinical psychologist, writer, and presenter of the television channel “Doctor” Mikhail Khors is sure that tobacco, alcohol and food addiction can be cured without pills and injections. He is able to demonstrate how to deal with problems that many seem to be unresolved.

Let’s start with the typical stories of patients who address me

Meet this Anastasia. Extra pounds caused Nastya feeling guilt and fatigue, a sense of disappointment in herself. This was followed by another period of uncontrolled feeding, and after a while – the next attempt to lose weight. A closed cycle, so familiar to people who have problems with being overweight.

Olga tried various diets, starvation, goji berries. She counted calories, was engaged with the trainer and even resorted to hypnosis. Thai pills and liposuction – scary, but otherwise did everything I could! Excess weight left, but always came back and brought with him an extra kilogram.

Marina is a successful 40-year-old business woman. Divorced, mother of two children. Energetic, efficient and at the same time the owner of 20 kg extra weight. These kilograms weigh her most. What she did not try to do to see the cherished figure 55 on the scales!

Xenia began to think that she was not destined to weigh as much as she wanted. But a friend advised a good nutritionist who painted a diet without strict restrictions. It seems that to observe everything is quite simple and the weight slowly crawled down. But, dammit, it’s so hard not to eat after 19 hours. Yes, the diet is reasonable, but why each time there is a strong protest at the thought that these restrictions are forever!

Elena at a reception with a psychologist. What does the psychologist have to do with it? The question is dietary, the head has nothing to do with it. This is not true! The head always is. Try without a proper psychological attitude to fly a plane, study at a university, play sports, educate children, build a career, etc. Agree that if life’s difficulties we meet in a good mood, if we are confident in our abilities and feel calm, then overcome any obstacles on our way – a very real thing.

On the contrary, if we are emotionally tense, if our constant companions are apathy and disappointment, if the stress is pressing and the mood is spoiled, then the restrictions in eating, playing sports, and any other process that requires a prolonged use of force becomes heavy and even unbearable.

And since special people, psychologists, answer for a good mood of a person, here are some important psychological tips that will help you to diet and lose weight in a good mood, without “dietary depression”.

Give up the position of the victim

The position “I’m not to blame, the extra kilograms themselves came” – wrong. Accept that excess weight is the result of overeating, not metabolic rate, constitution, heredity, hormonal background or age. In the Nazi camps were people of different ages, heredity, etc. But there were not any fat people! Even if it seems to you that you eat “like a bird”, but at the same time get fat, this means that you overeat with your current metabolism. Yes, physiology can change, which means that it is necessary to change and adjust food behavior to it. It is necessary to understand that the accumulation of fat is a signal that you consume more food than the body needs with the current metabolism.

There is no magic! 

Realize this. If you want to lose weight, you’ll have to work on it. Long, and maybe, all my life. Do not try to find an “easy way”. Magic tablets that will help you lose weight without difficulty, will not. But it’s not so bad! Do you agree that you need to work hard to make money? That raising child requires a constant investment of forces? What is cleanliness in the apartment – the result of constant attention? Everything worthwhile in life is given with difficulty! Therefore, stop belittling yourself, believing that your harmony and beauty are not worth your work, effort and time!

Realize what you really want.

Most people who are on a diet take an unfavorable position in advance: “I want to eat uncontrollably any flour, sweet and fat … But I have to deny myself everything because it is harmful to my figure.” With such a position, it’s not easy to keep a diet, because you have to fight with your desires, that is, with yourself.

Change the position! You want to feel easy, joyful and energetic. You want to have a slender and beautiful figure! You want to look in the mirror and be proud of your body condition! And if you want all this, then you can not want to do night raids on the refrigerator! If you want to be beautiful and healthy, then you want to play sports and limit yourself to eating. And yes – you even want to periodically feel hungry! Repeat every day that sport, diet and easy hunger is your choice, not an obligation!

Stop cursing your body

The body is not to blame for anything. It is trying to do everything for you that it can. He protects you from illnesses, carries you around the world, uses all the filth that you stuff into it. The body is doing its best to save fat masses, to show that you consume excess energy! The body is not guilty, that you did not understand it and shoved buns in your place instead of cucumbers! On the contrary, try to treat your body with love and gratitude. Appreciate the care and strength that is inherent in your beautiful body! Take care of him now and treat him with love! And your body – it’s you yourself, is not it?

Learn to love yourself correctly

Begin to love yourself. Yes, this advice is in any psychological book. But not everywhere is written how to do it. And here is the answer. To love yourself is to treat yourself like your little child.

Imagine that your child, for example, has a diathesis. He asks for a candy because he does not understand that he is not allowed now, that there will be only complications and problems. Would you go to him on an occasion, would you give me sweets? No? And if in this situation he is offended, will he cry and consider you a bad mom? Will you give it? Not again! Because you love your child! Because of love, you refuse your child in extra sweets or playing on a tablet 24 hours a day, even if as a result he is offended at you. This behavior towards a loved one is called “hard love”.

This is exactly what you need to lose weight – hard love! That is, care for your loved one, even if he is angry and offended at you! Understand, inside of you sits a capricious, small child who does not understand much in life, therefore constantly demands superfluous food. Show him your love, refusing the whims! This way you show love and to yourself!

The last advice: The less stress you have, the easier it will be to lose weight. Remember that stresses are not the result of external stimuli, events or situations. Stresses are the result of your wrong attitude to these events and situations.

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