Prostar The Leaders In Technologies

flickr ProStar is identified to provide solutions to the companies or catering to individual needs by entitling them to the most recent mobile technology of the era and supplying them world class services at reasonable prices. It came to life in 1992 and in these final eighteen years ProStar has earned a lot of reputation and credibility by flawlessly meeting the customers expectations with the highest degree of precision. ProStar is significantly acknowledged worldwide for its expertise in designing the ideal gaming laptops and for its proficiency in creating extremely innovative attributes, technologies and configurations that provides maximum efficiency with out expanding the budget outlines.

The brilliance with which ProStar designs custom laptops, custom notebooks and gaming laptops is produced evident by the fact that these graphic laptops usually give a difficult competition to their desktop counterparts and numerous a instances surpass them in terms of speed, versatility, efficiency and flexibility.

ProStar is accredited with several firsts as in it is the 1st organization to come up with 19 TFT active matrix display laptops in widescreen resolution. It is also the initial organization to incorporate NVIDIA SLI technologies on laptops. It is also the very first to supply FX and X2 processors for AMD and Core 2 Quad and Extreme Edition for Intel on laptops.

ProStar is the initial firm to give dual SATA HDD in RAID configuration that has enabled tremendous storage flexibility on custom laptops, custom notebooks, extreme graphics laptops and gaming laptops. Other than equipping the higher end systems with NVIDIA GeForce 8700 and ATI Radeon X8600, ProStar also occurs to be the a single that added constructed-in Television tuner card, wireless modem and Bluetooth device to laptops ahead of any individual else even believed about it, to ensure you get a a lot more fulfilling experience out of your gaming laptop.

ProStar continues to attain its dreams in a much more concrete manner right after it has been accredited as a gold certified companion with Microsoft, Premier Channel partners with Intel and are tying relations with ATI, AMD, NVIDIA, Seagate, Hitachi and Teac.

ProStar excels in developing custom laptops for business, person, corporate, academic or governmental use. The unmatched top quality that ProStar provide in their merchandise is bound to outperform the competitors. They have custom laptops to deal with any intensity of workload no matter whether to satisfy a private require or an organizational need.

ProStar gives special corporate buyer and reseller programs and also gives free ground shipping and money discounts.