Prospects Of Automobile Industry Locks – Locks, Vehicle Locks, Recalling The Door – Hardware Sector

tags Toyota’s “recall the door” is reminiscent of the Audi then burst out of the “car lock.” In 2006, Audi vehicle owners complained that “an Audi vehicle keys can also open two Audi automobiles.” By the finish of 2008, Audi once once more burst lock top quality. Audi owners have complained: Hold an Audi car’s remote manage, a couple of other cars can not use the remote control, door not locked. Audi’s lock was known as “the most vulnerable components of Audi” and “Ake Aurelius heel.”

But noted that Toyota’s gas pedal is not a Toyota car production itself. In North America Sell Toyota automobile, the accelerator pedal from the U.S. CTS Corporation in Europe, Toyota sold a gas pedal from the Czech organization. This is a standard outsourcing production model, while the number of domestic Hardware It is this outsourcing business to do company.

The same as the world’s major huge enterprises, I believe that the lock is not Audi Audi own production, just do not know Audi is not also the lock to the domestic outsourcing Vehicle Lock Manufacturer. Audi’s lock top quality is not also higher simply because the probability of failure has not caused widespread concern, but “the door Toyota recall” or to remind China as an outsourcing firm auto locks: Good quality is the survival.

We do outsourcing enterprises must spend more attention to automobile locks product high quality, Toyota’s gas pedal to avoid such a tragedy. Originally competitiveness is not strong Chinese lock company encountered such an critical situation after, it is tough to continue production longer.

Automotive market is a extremely higher degree of market place sectors, competitors is very fierce. This automobile and components of item quality have produced extremely strict specifications. And the quality of motor vehicles and spare components straight to the man’s life, so it Management The doubly strict. Most automobile manufacturers have a extremely total “recall system”, and at times a little quality defects, we must recall the item along the whole vehicle to allow enterprises to suffer large losses. Audi “car lock” just burst out when some professionals pointed out: Audi Cross-open rate lock failed, remote control radio frequencies are set, all of which have are security troubles, if massive numbers of such issues, Audi should also be recalled products.

Car locks in the lock market in the midst of a rather special position. It seems quite far away from other metal industries, from automotive industry closer. In any case, it is also locks essential member of the business. Auto lock sales channels are particular, you hardly ever see it in the market, as it generally only provide huge-volume automobile manufacturer, element of the provide Vehicle Upkeep Enterprises, and followed a huge order.

Speaking of big orders, make confident the envy of other hardware businesses. But this is only “looks stunning.” The bitterness inside the vehicle only locks enterprises know. Here, specialists on the auto for us to interpret some of the functions lock market.

First, the automobile locks and various from the classic sense Machinery Lock. Are typically radio-controlled vehicle locks lock, it is clear that this impression than mechanical locks are considerably a lot more complex. Therefore, the threshold for auto entry lock business is reasonably high. Second, the common automobile production scale of enterprises are big, so it is also a excellent demand for locks, and sometimes an order of demand will attain hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of pieces required lock firms have considerable capacity. Lastly, and most critical point: the auto sector quite competitive, even if tiny parts of a high quality difficulty, will be heavy losses, so automobile firms will usually purchase the automobile locks on the proposed near-stringent product quality specifications, absolutely can not tolerate any slack.

The above is not difficult to see past “hardware workshop” type of enterprise is not capable of generating automotive locks. So now most of the domestic auto locks are medium-sized enterprises for much more than enterprise, small can be said that numerous companies are to survive the competition winners. They have some technologies that can make qualified automotive lock merchandise have a specific size, to meet the requirements of big automobile companies in order some channels are fairly fixed and can get a steady order of a auto company . These are the salient functions of automotive lock business.