Property Nausea Annoying Electrical Fault Frequency Nanchang True Spring Tide!

tags This week, has turn out to be everyone’s hot and humid topic. A lot more than 20 warm temperatures, with humidity about 90% of individuals really feel the wet, slippery ground only, with walls, ceilings also “sweat” more than flow, as if into the apricot-day, even in autumn and winter of a number of The fog-day series of harassment, such “pseudo-rainy” weather individuals troublesome.

Truth, not only this week, considering that the spring of this year, Hong Seong has been volatile climate, temperature changes, cold, rainy, cold and warm air frequently converge, even meteorological division staff also stated that spring is genuinely too Nanchang Boomers!

Wet climate disrupting life This week, folks talk about most is wet. Family members bathroom mirror is covered with water drops, Fuzzy was not clear portrait the walls of a Road watermark as in tears, and the tile has virtually turn into a small pond.

“Open the windows to the bathroom by means of a bit wind, tidal surge on the feeling of walking towards me. Even hung on the balcony to dry the clothes are also Tide, and uncomfortable to put on in the body.” Ms Lau stated the public .

4 20 morning, the reporter saw in the August 1 bridge, heavy fog, visibility less than 200 meters, electric vehicle ride to work in public, eyebrows, eyelashes covered with water vapor condenses into the “cream.” In the afternoon, a sudden heavy rain, feel a lot more hot flashes than the morning.

“Stroll a little more quickly pace, the whole physique felt like an oven can not sweat out the calories are bored in the body, distributed not come out and was breathing with sluggish.” Yangming Road is waiting for the bus, mentioned the students tiny gold.

20 morning, members of the public open Chow

Television Machine, locate an ugly colour television images, colour uniform, some could not locate the causes for inspection. Sent

Home Appliances Service Department, before we know because of the humidity, the internal elements due to moisture. Similarly, living in Yuzhang Road, Bear, residence laptop desktop display when the just-issued machine flap. Bear scared off rapidly

Energy supply . Wet weather not only for electrical affected, due to sufficient water vapor, fog brought on flight disruption, the hospital drastically improved in sufferers with a fall.

Hot flushes warm air impacted mostly by

These days why hot flashes take place weather, this weather will continue for how long? Meteorological department explained that this was mainly affected by the result of warm air. “Late spring” soon after the Nanchang temperature rise step by step, and the recent continuous precipitation, are subject to influence and manage of warm air. Normally warm and humid air from the ocean, contains a lot of water vapor, will bring precipitation in the area beneath the manage of warm air will create high temperature, humidity, giving the feeling of hot and intolerable. Into the spring, the southern warm air masses are active, when the hot and humid air surging northward, the blowing room, encountered the colder the ground and walls, furnishings and other objects, its water vapor condenses as little droplets will be.

In people’s memory, the most impressive might be the Chinese New Year holidays in February after a extended time that the process back to the southern sky, then a number of days the walls, floor, “water”, the room as if into fish ponds, even in the back Soon after Southern Weather “troubles” are nonetheless endless, and many have received an influx of ugly walls are densely grown up visible mold.

Professionals stated that the current Nanchang rain to showers mainly Dao Yeting attributes discovered Guyu this season. Although these days it rained, but did not individuals feel cold. Hot flashes weather anticipated to end these days, Friday began to weather.