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Projector Is a quite sophisticated gear, so we treat the operation of the projector have to be scientific and rigorous. But whether or not we projector companies develop some Technologies , So the projector itself, the dilemma can keep away from unexpected harm it, it is not to make the projector characteristics a much more in enhancing it? This projector technologies is there, Here’s a frequent projector technology: energy protection technology, the sensible application of the projector’s part, and the current use of smart projector protection technology performs.

What power protection technology? Energy protection technology As the name suggests is to make the projector even in the case of disconnecting the energy, the internal cooling fan continues to cool the projector can continue within the optical or electrical components, and so you can quit operating in projector later, immediately disconnect the power to shorten the supply time, but also can spare you the lengthy wait.

Ordinary projectors at present in the non-typical mode if the energy is turned off then projector internal components are easily broken, simply because the projector in the course of the function exudes a lot of heat, just in time to the heat emission out, the projector is typically installed in the internal cooling fan, even if the projector has stopped operate, cooling fans still have to continue to work until enough heat is distributed inside out so far, this projector’s internal optical or Electric Components of the safety will be assured, would be to extend the life of the projector the contrary, if the projector to stop operating the moment immediately disconnect the energy if the fan inside the projector will stop working, so the procedure to generate projection a lot of heat, it will not be distributed in time, then the internal elements of the life of the projector will be greatly lowered and could even be damaged in an instant. Therefore, energy protection technology to sensible use the projector in the extraordinary significance.

Two sorts of energy protection technology performs and the difference

Energy protection technologies used right now, there are two, they are UPS, PPS. Projector in the field that we normally use that energy to protect the technologies? In between them in practical applications and what is the difference?

1, UPS, PPS application of industry definition and classification of

UPS: UPS , Applicable to a assortment of power equipment merchandise.

PPS: projector protection program, specialist projector protection for sensible devices.

two, UPS, PPS Features UPS: When the projector all of a sudden loses energy, give back-up power supply within a particular period of time, even though the regulator has specific limits, whilst-line UPS is a limit can be resolved with higher-stress surge, surge and other network troubles.

PPS: (1), energy protection: energy failure, the timely provision of backup power inside a certain period of time and automatically turn off the projector power.

(two), network issues: Intelligent detection of energy method operations, full resolution of the grid and high voltage surge, surge, Electronic Interference, the frequency drift and all issues, guarantee the projector can be in continual voltage continuous frequency always a very good operating environment. If pps in a wide variety of voltage stability of load voltage, when the voltage is negative to go beyond the scope can be adjusted automatically when you start back-up power supply on the load

(three), anti-theft alarm: In case the projector theft phenomenon, providing sound and timely warning. Upgrade will have a network alarm.

3, UPS, PPS technical principles

UPS: energy supply, a handful of with the 232 communication interface, but only for access Personal computer , On the status of implementation of monitoring the use of UPS.

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