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one hundred Several friends have purchased Projector Often discover the brightness of the machine itself is not sufficient, resulting in the atmosphere Light supply Not have enough time to very good impact. Even if the acquire Projection screen Cloth business can not achieve the preferred effect. These days we’ll talk about Projection Curtain of the problem, discover out why we pick projection screen in the impact of post-wide style. In reality, if the projection screen is not tough to raise the acquire, the key is to address the elevated achieve complicated by a series of questions.

1st is the view (in this case is the half-angle of two times the acquire) concerns

Light power is conserved, Obtain Enhance will inevitably lead to Point of view Down narrow, narrow to a certain extent they will not be employed. Such as bead curtain Gain Though far more than two occasions, but Perspective Less than 30 degrees, people standing and sitting and watching to see, are on view and side view, the projector and take cast hanging cast, the impact would be different. Even though the apparent metal screen Point of view Boost, but also more than 60 degrees, however, if the scene will be created into flat light of the sun about the dark space effect, which is why the metal scene have created spherical or arc factors. Standard and reasonable viewing angle ought to be 90 degrees, 45 degrees is on the left, correct 45 degrees. Only a broader viewpoint than this in order to meet the loved ones households in the 3 +1 +1 sofa Point of view Within the conference table to make certain left and proper sides of the participants had been able to look at the screen. For Project Large screen Items, Viewpoint Have to be above 120 degrees to make sure the screen Seamless integration. This is undoubtedly Technologies Challenges. Extended proud of screen has the advantage that he is not only a really few can Point of view Stretched to a higher of 90 degrees Gain Screen, and can assure 90 degrees Obtain Nevertheless less than 4 times. When Acquire Stretched to 120 degrees, Gain Can nevertheless maintain a lot more than three times. That is, at the exact same Achieve Circumstances, the proud dragon screen access to a wider Point of view .

Second, the contrast on the issues

Enhancing Obtain , The white of course will be brightening, but if black is also subsequent brightening, contrast enhancement would not be necessary, but also due to the fact of the loss resulted in a black fog effects, loss of layering, which is fatal to all white screen essential. We know Projector Is not usually a black cast to it, and nevertheless only be resolved by screen. The picture is not black you see the white screen impact. But if the black screen to do that, such as the gray screen, the white will darken Acquire The negative of the. What we really require is the white Acquire Higher Er Shi black Acquire Adverse that is, the much more light the much better white, black the darker the far better. Whilst Ershi black white brightening dim, this is the proud dragon screen aggressive unparalleled access to the a single of the advantages. If the high Gain Screen to white and black even though improving, such as metal screen, you will find he can only make you feel brilliant, and will not give you the preferred contrast and comfort, as the sun reflective white exterior walls.

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