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tags 09 in the second half, the domestic home projector marketplace is an upsurge of “highlight” of the wave, projector replacement Tv , A dominant voice of the living room one particular right after yet another. To 2000 lumens brightness, represented by a series of domestic projectors seems to be the new darling of the home projector market, highlighting Technology Projector has turn into a measure of household “use” of the essential criteria.

Classic house theater projector brightness of the majority in the 500 to 1,000 lumens. As the brightness of the restrictions, the application of such products have to be in the “dark space” beneath which it will have excellent outcomes. Property projector has the brightness is not higher due to the fact of the “high-level black impact” of the pursuit. Projector screen is to rely on reflected light imaging. The curtain is normally white or gray colour, which determines that only light incident at zero, or very faint light incident (the predicament of gray screen), projection screen to display excellent black. With reduce projector brightness and dark space facilitate the development, could satisfy the projection showing the genuine effects of the black show applications.

But as the diversity of product applications projector, displaying the vibrant big screen showing the excellent results of the requirements in engineering, Education , Enterprise, and even the home market place has emerged. By upgrading the maximum projector brightness, in the human visual contrast will make a false, is a single that is not extremely dark for these who also have deep black outcomes. The special requirements of the consumer market place as properly as the application of visual contrast contrast, tends to make a lot of projector producers located that “the original house projector also highlighted areas of the market.”

In this trend, in 2009 highlighted several projectors have home debut. Vivitek introduced H1080 has reached 1,800 lumens brightness BenQ The W1000 brightness of 2000 lumens is accomplished BenQ w600 reach 2600 lumens brightness Optoma HD20 1700 lumens brightness macro? H7530D projectors 2,000 Lumens … …

These vibrant 1080p home projectors Despite the fact that the main model, but also includes a 720p model, in contrast configuration has four or five thousand to one’s performance, the cost is the cost of comparable items in the “minimum” item groups. Highlight Low And full HD has turn out to be the residence projector industry in 2009 as a unique scene. Even so, the author of today’s discussion is not how these merchandise are well-liked in the domestic market, but consider of these products from the “enterprise market” in the end how far.

Few years ago, the rise of China projector marketplace has a specific product referred to as “entertainment projector.” The greatest function of this type of item is “false organization name, address domestic applications.” Entertainment projectors normally have two 3000 lumens of brightness, contrast ratio of thousands to one, 800 * 600 resolution and more than 3000 yuan price. Parameter configuration in the low finish with clear Enterprise Projector Qualities. In reality, as a house entertainment projector Jibei products to sell, has also been sold to a lot of low-finish organization education market place.

Entertainment projector low cost makes the product extremely rapidly turn into a marketplace coddled, in 2008 for home entertainment projector sales reached almost 40,000 units much more than the standard property projector sales volume close to 80 %. If the calculation of the enterprise and education market place sales, the actual variety of solution shipments accounted for practically the whole projector industry is about two percent.

In a sense “entertainment projector,” and this year the rise of “highlighting property projector” has the same purpose. Both are in their respective fields (organization or house) is the lowest cost items, in the brightness and contrast indicators are very comparable, only difference is massive due to the fact the resolution highlighted the improvement of household projection, the price tag considerably larger than regular entertainment projector. This feature tends to make it simple for individuals from business to entertainment in the name of the projector into the domestic marketplace, and think of property projectors can be highlighted with highlight characteristics of the commercial marketplace penetration.

To BenQ w600, for example, the value of two,600 lumens to satisfy all the demands of mainstream organization applications, 3D features are distinctive to the application of a exclusive teaching convenience, while 1280 * 720p high-definition wide-screen resolution, but also simply because and teaching applications in organization meetings or to display far more content, more advanced Notebook Of the universal widescreen, widescreen desktop show of match. More importantly, with the obtain of a complete-time business compared widescreen projectors, BenQ W600 has a five,999 yuan price, undoubtedly reduce than the market place similar to the resolution of most goods.