Prime Minister Promises ‘good News’ In The Upcoming 2011 Singapore Spending budget

tags PRIME Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced that government revenues have been better than projected and highlighted that Singaporean citizen can count on “excellent news” in the upcoming Budget which will be announced in Feb 2011. He mentioned Singapore ought to use this growth to increase the lives of its citizens across the board. He further added that main investments will be made in well being care and transportation as effectively as in abilities training and education to equip workers to do much better jobs and raise productivity. He reiterated the Government’s commitment to give Singaporeans “complete possibilities, a good education and a valuable stake in the nation”. Education and coaching has always been on the best priority of the Singapore government since day 1 of Singapores independency, 45 years ago.
With the economy recovering a lot much better than expected, numerous organizations which includes MNCs, Monetary institutions such as Normal Chartered, HSBC and DBS are on key recruitment drives to beef up manpower in anticipation of the continued expansion of the international economies. There is a enormous demand for talent in the resources scare country where the government competes aggressively to recruit the ideal talent available in the private sector to join the government solutions.
Singapore has been functioning on creating itself up as a centre for major human-capital practices, to support businesses and HR experts raise their standards by equipping them with the most recent skills set in organizational psychology, talent management and strategic HR Leadership and succession arranging procedure. For the duration of last weeks dialogue, PM Lee described that a lot more than 240 prospective election candidates have been invited for “tea” sessions, and more than 40 have been interviewed by a committee chaired by PAP’s secretary- basic, PM Lee. He is confident of presenting a “first-class slate of candidates” in its leadership-renewal process with its existing pool of talent.
By attracting prime universities such as Chicago Booth Graduate School, INSEAD, City University of New York and SUNY Buffalo to supply Executive MBA, Master of Organizational Psychology, HR and Leadership system in Singapore, will redefine the HR sector by cultivating and nurturing an eco-system for research and company applications. This is also critical given that when an upswing comes, much better educated staff and firms will benefit for their investment into education.
PM Lee speech was delivered at the People’s Action Party’s biennial conference, its last before the next Common Election, in front of 1,700 cadres and activists at the National University of Singapore’s Cultural Centre.