Prime Best Art Tv Shows Of All Time


Civilisation has created a lot of wonderful items, and 1 of them is art. It wouldn’t be far standing behind science and chocolate on the list. There are a lot of paitings that have stirred up generations of viewers and have lingered in people’s thoughts for centuries previous and far more centuries to come, such as Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, Dali’s Persistence of Memory, Monet’s Nimphee, Van Gogh’s Starry Evening and Banksy’s complete works. Art is often one thing individuals adore to admire and to produce if feasible. That is why there are a lot of excellent television shows springing up over the years.


Art Attack

Neil Buchanan presented Art Attack for its entire run, from 1990 to 2007. It was an art programme aimed at children and involved Neil making a number of pieces of art via the show which helped kids to create art step by step with out forfeiting their creativity. Neil also created a giant ‘art attack’ each show which saw him making a giant image out of everyday products. These came from factors like an whole football team’s kit, or the contents of a mechanics workshop, which when completed could be seen from above.



Hartbeat ran from 1984 – 1993 and was just one particular of Tony Hart’s series of art primarily based tv shows for young children. The show was an updated version of his previous show ‘Take Hart’ and to a large extent continued in its tradition. Tony would create a variety of pieces of art in every single show, but the series was most memorable for the section when watchers would send in their own art work for Tony to appear at and comment on, on screen.


Watercolour Challenge

Aimed at an older audience than Art Attack and Hartbeat, Watercolour Challenge ran from 1998-2001 and involved a group of amateur painters competing to create an image from the very same landscape. Every episode’s artists would be judged by a expert artist and the winner would go through to a season finale. It won a Royal Television Society award in 2001 for Greatest Daytime Feature.


The future…

Life Class: Today’s Nude…

A new programme to be produced by Channel four will involve a five-part series of shows featuring nude models in a pre-watershed time slot. The hope is that the show will assist to encourage new artists to choose up a field easel. If you are an aspiring artist at heart perhaps it’s time you dusted off your paints or drawing inks and got started.


Art is a gift which our civilisation is clearly proud of which is why there will no doubt be a excellent several more art shows to appear forward to in the future.