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tags Education Division not too long ago issued an emergency circular calling for schools with full-time security personnel, installing monitoring and alarming equipment, and coordinating public safety departments in the campus security around the complicated locations of the sole proprietorship or rule Angang Ting. Could six, Lanzhou City Campus Security Huge renovation started. Might 7, in a big campus safety regulation of Lanzhou City to start off the day, visited the city’s website and located some principal schools, main schools in our city the security scenario is not undesirable.

College gate have personnel on duty

5 7 7 50 minutes Jiayuguan Road Main School in front of reporters to see the gate not only the duty of teachers, as properly as the public security police presence. One particular student told reporters: “these days, school after school hours, I will see police officers on duty right here, Uncle.”

11:25, Zhangye Lu reporter came to college, this time has come to college about noon time. The reporters found that the school door in addition to a number of early to take the child’s parents, there is a chest with complete management of licenses for employees outside the middle-aged guys in the college visits back and forth. The complete management employees see parents talking with a reporter, approached a closer look.

Reporter then went to tongwei Road Major College. Time has come to college at noon time. Saw the college for every class under the leadership of the teachers had been ordered to out of school, teachers of students have been sent to the alley Division, submitted to the hands of the parents waiting there. At the college gate and a small alley, the reporter saw two comprehensive management employees in the maintenance of order.

When a reporter pretending to find a school principal from the open door into the campus, was the college janitor Division stopped a middle-aged women. President told reporters that in spite of his awareness of promoting or that a particular matter regardless of whether the teacher is his pal, the ladies are firmly shut to reporters: “What do you get in touch with her, or you just wait outside.”

No matter how challenging into the gate is immune

Day at ten am, reporters came to the eastern outskirts of principal and secondary school entrance. By means of the locked gate to the campus looked the reporter quickly aroused the consideration of college security. “You are Gansha that?” “Hello, I am hunting for some thing a tiny heads can not put me in?” “Principals are what matter to discover? Advance appointment? We have not received any notice, is no 1 can place it! “Despite the fact that the press was to produce a press card, the guard tone is nonetheless firm, stated:” Do not say you are a journalist, is leading to, and not the school’s instructions and reception, we will not let coming. “reporter has learned that eastern suburbs college Safety Division a total of 4 from the Lanzhou City to employ full-time safety security organizations, they perform in pairs for 24-hour rotation of campus security.

Subsequently, the reporter went to Qin’an Road Principal School. This time, the reporter met a more significant guard. The absence of that principal, the school’s Office of Academic Affairs ultimately opened the telephone, can not head for the Registry, the guards will no longer unwilling to press “entangled” No matter how you explain that he is saying: ” no reception, can not come in “

Some schools have not but put in location safety

Several schools have strict access to the campus method to boost the security forces, the joint regional police to make certain campus security, the reporter interviewed identified that some schools are nevertheless not in location safety measures.

five 7 14 pm, is the time students entered the school at noon. Xinhua reporters at the main entrance to see the school gates open on both sides, in addition to the value of Zhou Xuesheng had been two students in the reception into, there is a duty teacher. Inside the guard space door open, empty. The attitude of holding a press get in touch with to attempt not to fight straight to the gate and went away, was a single of the values Zhou Xuesheng to stopped. Come president, told reporters that he is acting, the student told the school that prevents parents Jinjiao Men. Reporter speedily said: “That I uncover Paul Andehn a record it!” The student told reporters: “Safety uncle just went out.”

Links Lanzhou war broke out on campus safety

In Interview , Many parents expressed their issues: “the accident began to grasp the campus safety, boost the complete management staff, the establishment of governance Angang Ting, the police came on duty. So right after that time these officers dismissed country?” a major school principal told reporters that revealing passage: “Campus security can not only grasp the present, the key is there should be a extended-term mechanism.”

City Board of Education on April 26 issued a “comprehensive school safety management to strengthen the implementation of views.” The opinion not only the security of students on the organization produced a picnic for the 1st time specific provision has created, like “students choose and Lu care group,” and “anti-crowd stampede program” and 23 security management system. Meanwhile, the new rules in the Bureau of Education to need schools to establish unique security organization, with committed security personnel, and important positions in the installation of alarms, video monitoring facilities, and built the “College 110” command center as the hub, set of air defense, physical defense and technology Anti-rule as one particular of the campus Safety Control system.