Pressure Management


Stress Management

High level tension impacts the individual directly and by means of them, their families and organizations are also impacted.  For that reason, efforts need to be made to overcome the negative consequences of higher tension.  Diagram presents the circumstance in which people want help to overcome stress.

Person dealing with a demanding atmosphere

Unable tocope


Defensive behaviour

Adaptive behaviour

Maladaptive behaviour



Individual Coping Approaches:

Coping approaches could be adopted by people with no reference to the organization.  Individual coping strategies tend to be a lot more reactive in nature.  That is, they tend to be approaches of coping with anxiety that has already occurred.  Some individual techniques, such as physical workouts, can be both reactive and proactive, but most are geared towards helping the particular person who is currently suffering from anxiety.  Following are the key person coping strategies.

Physical Exercising:  Physical workout routines of distinct kinds such as, walking, jogging, swimming, playing and so forth, are very good methods of overcoming anxiety.  Physical exercising helps folks to far better cope with anxiety typically as a side effect, such as relaxation, enhanced self-esteem, and simply obtaining one’s thoughts off work for a while.

Job Enrichment:  By means of far more rational designing of jobs, jobs can be enriched.  Improving content aspects such as responsibility, recognition, chance for achievement and advancement, or enhancing core job traits such as ability selection, task identity, activity significance, autonomy, and feedback may possibly lead to motivation, feeling sence of responsibility, and utilizing maximum capability at the operate.  Such a phenomenon assists in lowering stress.

Organisational Function Clarity:  Individuals knowledge stress when they are not clear about what they are anticipated to do in the organization.  This might come about due to the fact either there is ambiguity in the role or there is part conflict.  Such a circumstance can be overcome by defining function more clearly.  Role evaluation method assists each managers and employees to analyse what the job entails and what the expectations are.

Profession Arranging and Counseling:  Profession planning and counseling assists the staff to receive expert guidance with regards to career paths that would help them to obtain individual goals.  It also make them conscious of what extra qualifications, coaching, and abilities they should acquire for career advancement.  A assortment of career counseling programmes can be adopted:

(i)   devices made to help the individuals in self-assessment and increased self-understanding

(ii) devices created to communicate opportunities offered to folks

(iii) career counseling via interviews by managers, counseling specialists and personnel and educational specialists

(iv) workshops and educational activities designed to assist the individuals in objective setting and establishing action program for alter

(v) educational and experimental programmes to prepare individual with capabilities and information for new activities and new career

(vi) programmes for enhancing the individuals’ opportunities to make job and career alterations.  Various profession planning and counseling programmes for individuals go a long way in offering them satisfaction and decreasing the pressure.

Pressure Control Workshops and Employee Assistance Programmes:

The organization can hold periodical workshops for manage and reduction of tension.  Such workshops may possibly help individuals to learn the dynamics of stress and techniques of overcoming their ill effects.  Similarly, the organization can make arrangement for assisting men and women in overcoming their individual and family members problems.  This arrangement may possibly consist of managing personal finance, dealing with family troubles, dealing with wellness troubles, and dealing with other type of personal and family members stresses.

Tension management based on Indian philosophy:

Indian philosophy strategy is catching the focus of Western industrially-developed countries to cope with stress.  Meditation and Yoga are getting practiced by more and far more nations. Satish Chandra Pandey has created a model for pressure management primarily based on Indian Philosophy consisting of Upanishads, Vedanta etc.  The model is presented in the following diagram:

Identify organizational goals and needs of individuals and core areas where improvement is necessary.

Develop a philosophical base by combining different Indian philosophies and values compatible with organizational mission and objectives

Create awareness amongst organizational members about these values for constructing new organizational culture.

Create education programmes, stress management programmes, motivational improvement programmes based on Indian philosophies and values.

Organise comply with-up programmes to evaluate stress management outcomes and other OD programmes

Make it an integral organizational philosophy and set new targets for reaching excellence in various places.

If constructive outcomes

Rebuild new philosophical base and make it compatible with organizational objectives

Stress management based on Indian Philosophy

Case Study

Jennifer is a 42 year old school teacher, with six years’ encounter in the classroom.  She qualified as a mature student, possessing waited until her third and youngest kid was at infant school prior to enrolling on a a single-year postgraduate course of teacher coaching.  As a physics teacher, she speedily identified herself in a senior post in a big comprehensive college, taking duty for GCE A-Level function and for a lot of the fifth type examination function as nicely.  In the 20 years given that she took her physics degree, the topic has sophisticated significantly, and what small leisure time she has soon after marking function, preparing lessons and looking right after her young household is spent trying to hold up to date.  Husband Keith, a civil engineer, is website manager for a large construction organization, and is frequently away from home for sizeable periods of time.  Since beginning teaching, Jennifer has noticed that she usually seems to be tired.  She sleeps badly, frequently sitting up into the early hours of the morning (‘the only time when I can get a small peace and quiet’ she claims) over her college operate.  She notices that it is harder and tougher to relax at the finish of the college day, and is concerned by her failure to keep in mind the details and figures connected with her perform and even human specifics like children’s names.  She worries that she appears to be neglected her family, and snapping habitually at her own young children more than minor concerns.  The vague aches and pains that afflict her most of the time, with each other with the poor digestion and the breathlessness and palpitations, she puts down vaguely to her ‘time of life’.  She has tried many times to discuss her workload with her head of department and with her head teacher, but they hardly ever have time to listen, and have told her she need to be much better organized, program her lessons more meticulously, and attend much more refreshers courses throughout the college holidays to hold herself up to date.  When she’s mentioned her issues to her colleagues, they say they really feel precisely the exact same as she does, and rapidly alter the subject.  She confesses to getting angry with herself for not staying more on prime of her job, and guilty for all the issues she leaves undone both at school and at house.