President Obama’s Fantastic Deception


The Cap &amp Trade legislation, cleverly referred to as the Climate Manage bill, has lately passed the Property of Representatives by a slim seven vote margin. The reality that the Democrats, who command such a massive margin in the House, required seven Republicans to get this by means of should be a signal that this is poor legislation and absolutely nothing much more than the largest tax enhance to the American public in history. It will prolong this recession and outcome in the loss of millions of jobs in the petroleum and petroleum-connected industries and enormous increases in the cost of power.

All of this is predicated on a deception that has been perpetrated on the America public about the part of greenhouse gas (CO2) on the world’s climate. I am old enough to keep in mind a related deception beneath a equivalent sort of Administration in the 70’s (Jimmy Carter’s), at that time the planet was cooling and fossil fuels were the probably culprit and we all would freeze to death unless we created alternative power sources. Also, we were running out of oil reserves and government necessary to intervene with massive taxpayer subsidies for other uneconomic types of power due to the fact we couldn’t leave it to the markets. Now, 35 years later, we’re operating out of time, the planet is now getting hotter, men and women are to blame, and we are doomed if we never quit employing fossil fuels.

Nicely, more than the previous 40 years we have consumed far more oil than the reserves we had in 1970 and the established oil reserves have almost doubled from that period. The 30 year cooling trend ended in the late 70’s and has been replaced by a 20-year warming trend that peaked in 1998 and is now in fact declining, regardless of what Al Gore says. The average worldwide temperature has elevated by about one degree per century considering that the finish of the Little Ice Age 250 years ago and CO2 levels have enhanced by a mere one hundred components per million (ppm). It is a trace gas comprising just 4 out of every 10,000 molecules in the atmosphere. With no CO2 in the atmosphere there would be no life on this planet! The sun and water vapor are by far the greatest drivers of our climate and if CO2 is now referred to as a “pollutant”, then we ought to get in touch with water vapor a “pollutant” also. Clearly, this conclusion is preposterous but regrettably most people believe it simply because the media and celebrities say it is so.

If we do the math we also come to the conclusion that this legislation is not credible. Mr. Obama’s purpose is “80 by 50” – an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050. Worldwide demand for energy is predicted to grow by 30-50% over the next 20 years and fossil fuels will supply about 85% of that demand, no matter what President Obama does. In reality, taken collectively, wind and solar power account for just a single-sixth of 1% of U.S. power usage even though we have pumped in roughly $ 20 billion in taxpayer subsidies in the previous 30 years. President Obama proposes to double wind and solar consumption by the end of his 1st term. It actually doubled over the final 3 years of the Bush Administration and if he doubles it once more, it will grow from one particular-sixth of 1% to one particular-third of 1% of the total power usage. That assumes the U.S. consumption is flat over the period which is not most likely, consequently, it will possibly develop less than that.

Thus, President Obama has set an unrealistic purpose one particular that will expense customers $ two trillion or far more over the subsequent decade and who knows how considerably by 2050 and will never ever be achieved. Just think, he is asking the American men and women to lessen their carbon footprint from about 20 tons per individual per year, to about two tons per individual per year in 2050. The last time our footprint was that low John Smith was courting Pocahontas!