Preparing for Class XII Boards and IIT-JEE: A Hard Balancing Act!


The above title very rightly summarizes the tension Class XI and XII students bear when they have to prepare for two crucial life-changing exams in 1 quarter. Just before embarking on full-scale IIT-JEE Preparation, students ought to hold in thoughts that IIT-JEE concerns are developed not to test how deeply a student knows the subject but as an alternative it tests how swiftly a student applies the learned concepts to genuine-life issues. Such queries are essential to judge a student’s aptitude for engineering education. If you put yourself in the footwear of an IIT-JEE aspirant, you will realize how anxious they feel on weekends to prepare for the Sunday Exam at the Coaching Institute &amp the Monday test in School. So much pressure at such a young age can take its toll and students often buckle below stress and quit the discipline altogether.

To assist such students who seem to be losing confidence in their skills with each and every passing day, quite a few institutes have come up with revolutionary video tutorials that assist students grasp complex ideas with ease. If there are specific ideas that students are unable to absorb in college or at the coaching institute, then in such cases these video tutorials would prove to be a godsend. Not only will they play the part of customized tutors but they also serve as best revision tools. Additionally these video tutorials also prove to be quite crucial in reducing the preparation time by a substantial quantity. No longer will students have to sacrifice their social life and commit endless hours at the study table. Our expertise shows that if you peruse by way of the whole set of video tutorial CDs offered by these institutes then it will save you from a month’s study of books.

The only way students can prepare for IITJEE concerns without having staring at the prospect of a comprehensive burnout is by adopting a balanced strategy wherein you not only study all 3 subjects daily but also maintain your social life intact by paying sufficient attention to all aspects of your life. Even if you are happy with your preparation and are getting great scores in internal exams then also these video tutorials will prove to be helpful as they will support quick-track your IITJEE preparation and keep your self-assurance higher.

In our opinion, students must design and style their preparation strategy in such a way that they kill two birds with a single stone. The best way to go about preparing for college exams without compromising on your IITJEE preparation is to preserve a healthier balance in between theory and issue solving so that you carry out well on each counts. Our encounter has shown that maintaining this hard balancing act is what separates rankers from these who fail to make the grade.

So, if you want to emerge as a positive-shot winner in IITJEE, video tutorials are the way to go.