Pollen season: where to track the changes?

Pollen season: where to track the changes?

Pollen season: where to track the changes?

The number of allergy sufferers in the world increases every year. According to various estimates in some countries, such people may be up to 40%, and up to 30% of children in the world suffer from these or other allergies. Traditionally, spring is the most difficult time of the year for allergy sufferers, as a huge number of trees start to bloom simultaneously. In order to monitor the concentration of pollen in the air, there are many services – applications for smartphones and online maps. Here are a few of them.

Pollen Club

Follow the concentration of pollen possibly both on the site and in a special mobile application. A lot of user reviews with photos, for example, birch earrings, the choice of the region in the application, and on the site (on the latter, however, only Moscow, Perm and Tyumen are available), reliable dusting forecasts. Everyone who downloaded the application can contribute, having reported about their health. The system analyzes the general trends and warns other allergy users using the application about the possible danger.

Pollen monitoring of Yandex

The service was launched recently. The main information he receives from the pollen traps of Aerostate. Not all regions are covered yet, information from Chelyabinsk to St. Petersburg is loaded, you can see what’s happening with pollen in Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Abkhazia. All this is on the weather tab of the map. It is possible to sort out the display of the necessary allergens – birch, cereals, alders or wormwood, in addition, you can see the forecast for several days based on current information and for a longer time – based on statistical data collected over seven years.

Air Matters

Another application for monitoring pollen. It collects data for 50 countries, in which more than 10 thousand stations are located. There is a three-day forecast, monitoring of the main allergens both indoors and outdoors. This service is more relevant for those who are going to fly on vacation in Europe – the main number of points that collect information, it is there.


A service that provides data for Moscow, St. Petersburg, several other cities, as well as Minsk. Prediction forecasts obtained from the monitoring of information, in contrast to other services, there is also information about fungi, which can also be the cause of allergies.

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