Placing Your Globe Collectively – It Begins With You!


I lately heard the story of a boy who was at house sitting in the living room with his dad. The boy would keep bugging his dad to play with him, but dad was preoccupied watching a football game on Television. But the boy persisted. He desperately wanted some attention. Ultimately, the dad became irritated, grabbed hold of the front web page of the travel section of a newspaper, tore it to a dozen pieces and told his son to put it back collectively.

The front web page of the newspaper had consisted of an image of the planet, as noticed from outer space. Pondering that it would hold the boy busy for at least an hour, the dad said, “There son. Place the planet back together and then come back and see me.”

In just a couple of minutes, the boy put the “planet” back collectively, to the utter surprise of his father. “Wow, this is a fine job indeed! How did you manage to do this so rapidly?” asked the dad.

“There was a picture of a man’s face on the other side of the paper,” replied the boy. ” I put the man collectively and the globe came together.”

The boy was startled as his dad gave him a hug. “Yes, you’re right son, when the man is collectively, the planet comes together too.”

How typically in life does it appear like the globe has fallen apart when in truth it has more to do with one thing disconcerting that we produce inside ourselves, with our thoughts and feelings? It is so simple to use the issues of the world (or factors outside our manage) as an alibi for why issues are not going nicely. But if the habit of blaming other individuals or blaming the world continues, it does not increase factors. It can only make life really feel like a helpless struggle. And it is not.

The world does not have favorites. It doesn’t magically come together for some folks while misguiding and shunning other people. The world comes together for these who put themselves collectively and it falls apart for those who do not. That’s why kings can be decreased to obscurity and peasants elevated to prominence. That’s why celebrities who appear to have every little thing commit suicide but some of the poorest of the poor can endure the loss of house and family members and nonetheless make it by means of.

The globe comes with each other for these who put themselves collectively very first. Like the law of gravity, this is an irrefutable law. It is a maxim that — if understood and applied directly in your life and mine – will be a great help in developing a healthful perception of the globe. It might not imply that the floodgates of optimism will open up correct away. But it does generate opportunities for a much better life.

What thoughts, attitudes, and actions in life can you take nowadays to guarantee that you are collectively so your world can be collectively too? It really is a thought worthy of your time and effort.

There are so a lot of investments that can go awry. But the investment in your self is a strong 1 which will give you a return far greater than anything you could ever imagine. Whatever your plans are in life, take the time to much better your self. I do this via reading and listening to audio books and speaking to God, who Is my ultimate life coach.

God Bless,


P.S. I heard the story from Earl Nightingale’s “Lead the Field” audio plan.