Pico Projector By Application, Technology & Products Industry (2010 ? 2014)


Pico projectors are a niche technologies that would revolutionize the international projector marketplace by not only making the projectors portable but also enable the projectors to fit into a persons pocket.

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The two most important segments of these projectors are embedded projectors and stand alone projectors. Stand alone projectors could be further classified as easy stand alone projectors which could be attached to any show device through USB ports and the media player projectors, which have an in constructed memory slot. Embedded projectors are pico projectors embedded inside a device such as cell phones and laptops and can project any factor within this device.

The report offers insights to the various trends in this industry, which segment would drive the growth and how this market place would mature in the subsequent 5 years. The industry currently is in the explosive development time period and witnessing cost erosion. But more than period of time the market place would stabilize and this report tries to demystify this journey of the worldwide pico projector marketplace.

This marketplace is nevertheless in a nascent stage, and hence presents plentiful possibilities to the early entrants. There are also important possibilities for investigation and development additional in the market.

Presently most projectors are stand alone or media player projectors. The demand for these projectors is higher than embedded projectors at the moment as they can be attached to any device, to project. There is a sense of multipurpose in these projectors that have given these an edge. These projectors can be attached to any media device by means of external ports and therefore can be utilised with multiple gadgets. Embedded projectors are however to take the market by the storm but this is the segment that would drive the pico projectors unit shipment .

As the industry matures further pico projectors are most likely to grow to be common accessories in a cell phone or a laptop as has been the case of constructed in cameras. Once sleek in phones with built in projectors hitting the marketplace soon this boom is soon expected and most likely by end of 2011 we will see unit shipments boost tremendously for this segment. Organizations like Samsung, LG and Nikon as talked about earlier have currently started shipping cell phones and digital cameras.Even even though projectors prices would fall as low as significantly less than $ 20 by 2011, there would be new superior projectors coming into market place every year which would hold the Average Sales Cost (ASP) higher than what it is anticipated by the market place watchers.

The globe pico projectors marketplace revenue is estimated to reach $ 6080.57 million by the end of 2014, with a compound annual development price (CAGR) of 120.56% 2009-2014.


Of the global projectors manufacturing market place North American marketplace holds a unit share of 425000 units with 85% where the key manufacturing requires spot, the rest of the 15% is shared by Europe and Asia. Europe at the moment has nearly 12.five% of the share, and Asia having the rest 2.five %.

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