Physical Cleaning of Computer systems


Possessing computer gear often cleaned and maintained brings several positive aspects. Cleaning gear on a standard basis could extend its lifespan, lessen downtime, generate a healthier environment, and increase corporate image.

The fan in a Computer draws in dust and dirt that could avoid the machine from cooling properly and trigger overheating and at some point, components might break down from excessive heat buildup. Also, dirt and dust are really abrasive on moving components like drive heads, keyboard contacts, mouse mechanism and printer gears causing erroneous media reads, unresponsive keyboards, erratic mouse movements and blotched printouts. Acquiring rid of the develop up of dust and dirt that is largely accountable for overheating and malfunction could extend the lifespan of gear substantially.

Reducing equipment downtime via an successful preventive maintenance, could lead to tremendous productivity gain for the users-the fewer the downtimes, the lesser the headaches of your IT department.

Standard cleaning and upkeep leaves IT equipment looking newer for a lot longer and also helps to generate a significantly much better impression to the community you serve. Needless to say, it is much healthier and enjoyable to work with clean, sanitized computers.

Pc Major Unit

We clean the exteriors of the Computer primary unit to improve the overall appearance of the computer-to make it appear brand new. We use mild cleaning agents, with anti-static and anti-bacterial components, and soft lint-totally free cloth to clean computer surfaces. We also clean air vents to make certain a steady airflow to the personal computer, maintaining elements cool and in excellent working condition.

The inside of the personal computer is the most essential component of the laptop that requirements to be cleaned. Removing dust and dirt from the computer fans and vents increases the internal air circulation. Removing dust and dirt accumulations in the circuit boards and CPU heat sinks that causes insulating blanket drastically reduces the possibility of chip burn out. Dusting the inside of the laptop also prevents it from overheating.

Video Show Unit

We clean the monitor screen to ensure the display is cleaner and crisper that significantly improves readability and as a result, reduces eyestrain. For CRT monitors, we use glass-cleaning liquid and soft cloth to clean the screen. For LCD/Flat Panel show units, we use mild cleaning liquid applied to a soft cotton cloth in wiping the screen surface. We do not use powerful cleaning agents containing methyl chloride, acetone, ethyl acid or ammonia, as LCD/Plasma monitors are particularly sensitive to these chemical substances.


We get rid of dirt, dust and other particles that can damage keyboard circuits by using compressed air or vacuum cleaner. We also ensure sticky-free keys by cleaning each essential with soft cloth and cotton swab moistened with mild cleaning agent.


We also use a cloth moistened with antiseptic liquid to rub the surface of the mouse and each of its buttons to help hold the mouse clean and germ free. We clean the rollers of mechanical mouse and get rid of dirt and lint accumulations in the mouse mechanism. We also clean the mouse pad with damp cloth.

Diskette and CD/DVD Drives

We use attempted-and-tested cleaning kits to clean floppy and CD/DVD drives. In extreme conditions, we open the drive casing and physically swab the study/create heads with lint-totally free foam swab soaked with suitable cleaning agent.

Printers and Other Peripherals

We clean the interior of printers and other peripheral equipment according to cleaning guidelines of makers. We have compiled up-to-date manufacturers’ documentation on upkeep procedures and advisories on cleaning items to be confident they are compatible with the equipment and the cleaning job that requirements to be done.