Pharmaceutical Investigation And Improvement (r&d) – Growing Efficiency Via Info Technology

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Pharma report, Pharmaceutical Analysis and Development (R&ampD) – Increasing Efficency By means of Information Technology and Externalization offers key information, info and analysis on main pharmaceutical R&ampD practices at the worldwide level in order to boost its efficiency and effectiveness. This pharmaceutical and healthcare report gives extensive insight into the major challenges in the current pharmaceutical R&ampD landscape. It analyzes crucial measures and practices (mergers and acquisitions, R&ampD restructuring, outsourcing and active lifecycle management) adopted by the pharmaceutical market to tackle these challenges and enhance the R&ampD efficiency. The report substantiates the evaluation with a variety of case studies to study the impact of measure post-implementation. The report also supplies an analytical insight into the possible options that have tremendous potential to increase the future pharmaceutical and biotech R&ampD productivity.

The pharmaceutical business has witnessed a considerable decline in R&ampD productivity over the past handful of years, which has grow to be a matter of concern amongst the important stakeholders in the sector, especially the pharmaceutical organizations. While the R&ampD expenditure of the industry has steadily elevated, the output has been declining. The boost in the quantity of late-stage development failures is costing the pharmaceutical business dearly. In addition, the stringent regulatory mechanisms on the pricing and reimbursement of approved drugs have added to the stress. Pharmaceutical firms have attempted many techniques to increase the R&ampD efficiency which contain the acquisitions of little biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms, R&ampD restructuring, outsourcing and greater lifecycle management of their current drugs in the market place. Nonetheless, there has been restricted achievement achieved to date.

This report is built making use of information and details sourced from proprietary databases, main and secondary research and in property evaluation by group of sector specialists.


The report analyses the crucial measures adopted to increase the R&ampD efficiency in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry along with the main challenges that have led to a decrease in the R&ampD productivity over the final decade. The scope of the report involves:
– Major challenges in the current pharmaceutical R&ampD landscape.
– Key options adopted by the pharmaceutical industry to improve the R&ampD productivity which consist of strategic mergers and acquisitions, R&ampD restructuring, outsourcing and active lifecycle management.
– More than 25 examples and case studies explaining each and every resolution and its influence on the R&ampD productivity in a short and extended term.
– Qualitative evaluation of the main potential solutions that can boost the R&ampD productivity in the future.

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