Personal experience: accident, spine trauma and own rehabilitation center

Personal experience: accident, spine trauma and own rehabilitation center

Personal experience: accident, spine trauma and own rehabilitation center

The life of Valery Taganov abruptly changed in a moment. A terrible accident in the Moscow metro, a fracture of the spine and almost zero chances of recovery. Today the young man has already risen to his feet. His main dream  is  to fully recover and complete his rehabilitation center.

Fourteen operations

Valery Taganov was 24 years old. Behind the studies at the Moscow Institute, a diploma of a programmer, a beloved girl next door and big plans for life. But all plans collapsed in one morning. On July 15, 2014, a young man went to work. Everything as usual – the Moscow subway, rush hour, everyone is in a hurry. The car, in which Valery was traveling, got off the rails. Then the whole country will hear about this accident – on the runway between the stations “Park Pobedy” and “Slavyansky Boulevard” three train wagons derailed. The tragedy claimed the lives of 24 people, more than 180 injured.

On the fifteenth of July I went to work and got into an accident. The car in which I was was literally torn in half, and he went to the bump. I was thrown out of the car into the tunnel under construction. I woke up lying on the concrete. Feeled feet – to the knee there. Below, I felt nothing at all. Then people began to shine with telephones, someone could not get up. Forty minutes later, rescuers began to take out the men. They reached me in an hour and a half. I was taken to the Sklifosovsky Research Institute and operated on.

The diagnosis is a fracture of the spine, a traumatic brain injury and many complications. The first six months I spent helplessly on the hospitals, resuscitation, rehabilitation centers – I was just transported from one hospital to another. For four years I was made somewhere in fourteen operations. Now I am still recovering. I go to a free medical center, where rehabilitation is free of charge. Paid rehabilitation I will not pull. Plus I’m recovering myself – I’m doing it in my center. My main treatment is training.

The help was – to me have paid the insurance, as all transportations are insured. And they assigned a disability pension – 13 thousand rubles, this all ended.

After the accident Valery had to start all over again – to learn to sit, walk, start living from scratch. Now he is in a wheelchair, and even slowly walks. All thanks to firm perseverance and the set goal – “will be restored”.

Forecasts of doctors were completely different. Many said: “If you learn to sit in a stroller, it will be very good.” After the accident, I could not sit, and I studied it for a long time. One doctor told me: “If you train, then in five to seven years you will walk.” I went the second way. After training, I gradually learned to get up, now I’m learning how to walk.

help yourself

Now Valery Taganov is building a rehabilitation center for people after injuries, strokes, children and adults with cerebral palsy in the holiday village near Yelets (Lipetsk region). For construction, he spends his pension, parents help and just indifferent people.

I traveled a lot to different rehabilitation centers. I watched what gives results, and I realized that the best help is exercise therapy, massage, swimming. Indeed, there are good rehabilitation centers, but they are mostly paid and very expensive. Many people can not recover from injuries or have any illnesses, simply because they have no money for it.

Personal experience accident, spine trauma and own rehabilitation center

And I decided to create a center where you can get help free of charge. I bought a plot and started construction. In territory there is a two-storeyed case, in it the gym with simulators and various adaptations for trainings is placed. On the site there is still a swimming pool, now it is in the making. While in the center I train myself, the girl will soon arrive – we will recover together.

We are building ourselves, with our own means and with donations. The authorities do not help. I myself went to many places, including the metro, but I received no help. Therefore, the main rule here is “help yourself.” And, of course, just people who are not indifferent are helping.

I am always in search of funding, because it is difficult to raise such a project alone. Initially, I calculated that about 8 million rubles was needed for the construction, and I understood that it’s difficult to collect such a sum alone. Therefore, the issue of financing is very important. As soon as some money appears, I immediately invest it in construction. Recently, the plot with my participation took first place in the journalistic contest. His prize – 15 thousand rubles – I spent on building a swimming pool.

Personal experience accident, spine trauma and own rehabilitation center

Now the main problem is housing for future rehabilitators. Recently I bought a neighboring plot of 12 hectare. I’m going to build a house on it, in which those who come to rehabilitation can live. But when it will be possible to make, it is not clear yet. It all depends on finances. In general, you can build such a house from scratch in three months. I already found out. It will cost two million rubles.

Now the registration of the center is also taking place. The permission is necessary for the high-grade center with the medical personnel. Such, of course, I do not pull. I would like to take twenty people. We have medical personnel, LFK specialists, trainers who are ready to come and help us – conduct classes, advise. They are ready to do this for free.

It is clear that not everyone believes in this idea. Of course, there was a lot of criticism. But a lot of those who believe in this, and helps. Well, I set a goal, then I will achieve it.

Ten hours of training a day

In addition to the fact that Valery Taganov has achieved good results in recovery, he is still professionally engaged in sports – bodybuilding and powerlifting. The young man is the champion of Russia in bodybuilding, the winner of the World Cup and the master of sports of international class. Even in his sports piggy bank second place in the All-Russia competitions in powerlifting.

Personal experience accident, spine trauma and own rehabilitation center

Sport in my life has always been. But before the accident, he was on an amateur level and more for himself. Professionally, I started studying after the accident. Why sports? Because you have to train hard for recovery. My main treatment is training.

Two years ago I had a coach for powerlifting – he deals with me, goes to competitions. He became for me not just a coach-mentor, but also a close friend.

On the day of training, it takes from 3-4 hours to 10-12 hours. It all depends on the workload. Also, I myself prepare recovery programs. Now I am preparing for the all-Russia powerlifting competitions, which will be held in autumn in Lipetsk. I want to raise the category of powerlifting. Now I have a third, I want the first.

My dream is a rehabilitation center

After the accident, everything changed in my life. My worldview, attitude to life has changed. From Moscow, I had to go to my parents in the Lipetsk region, where I now live. Work from my life also left. Now my work is a rehabilitation center. With a girl with whom he met before the accident, broke up. Life changed completely.

Personal experience accident, spine trauma and own rehabilitation center

Of course, there were times when I wanted to quit everything. And depression was, and despondency. It was especially difficult the first year, it was difficult to realize everything. Depression almost did not stop. One ended, the next one began, and so on in a circle.

I was helped by the goal that I set and went to. It helped that I could not accept my physical condition. This, probably, became a push. I just told myself at some point that I will recover, and I will be healthy. So I’m still training.

What gives strength? It seems to me that everything depends on the person. If you want to – recover, do not want to – do not do it. It all depends on your personal choice. I need – I train, do not need anyone – do not do it. It’s simple.

Of course, the support and faith of loved ones is important. My family helped me, my parents. They supported me from the very beginning, and now they are helping everything. Without parents, I would not have done it.

Friends also helped. There were a couple of people who supported. But we must understand that everyone has his own life, his own worries. Friends can not be around you 24/7. With your problems you need to manage yourself.

My main advice is to believe in yourself. Set a goal and go to it, because nothing is impossible. You have to fight in any situation, and not only when you have a trauma. In general, our whole life consists of difficulties and problems. You just need to overcome them, do not give up, but go ahead.

Now I’m studying English, guitar, I love traveling (Valeria has a VC group – a traveler who has overcome immobility, where he tells about his trips). But my main plans for the future are related to the restoration and construction of the center. Around this the whole life is now built. My dream is a rehabilitation center.

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