Personal computer Memory Upgrade


The time has ultimately come and you have decided to get a memory upgrade for your computer. Fortunately, this is 1 of the easier upgrades to take care of on a personal computer.

After you have produced the choice to upgrade the memory you have only to choose if you are going to do it oneself or have it carried out by someone else. This must make the decision much less complicated for you. If you pay someone else it will expense a minimum of $ 50 and you will possibly have to take your desktop to the computer shop and then wait a week prior to you choose it up.

Of course you can do it yourself and save each the time and funds. A personal computer memory upgrade is quite effortless for absolutely everyone. It will only take you about five minutes to do and most of that time is in the unplugging of your personal computer technique.

The initial step in a memory upgrade is to determine what memory you have on your laptop and what memory you are going to purchase. There are a few ways to do this.

The initial way to establish what kind of memory you have in your laptop is to ask the computer itself. There is a free application that you can set up on your laptop named “Technique Information for Windows”. It will tell you specifically what sort of memory you have and what you need to upgrade. You can also use the essential memory adviser that is offered via several on-line retailers. It will scan your system and tell you what memory you have and specifically what memory to order.

The third way to establish what kind of memory upgrades you need to have is to turn off the computer, unplug almost everything, open the tower and truly look at the memory module. If you do this you will see that the memory modules have a single or two memory sticks in them. Each stick will be the same. Look at what is printed on a single of them and write it down. Then close the tower, plug everything back in and reboot. Go to the internet site when you plan to purchase the new memory and input what you have. Primarily based on what you have there will be a recommendation as to what you need to get. Make your choice and you are carried out.

The hardest component is now over. You just have to wait for the new memory to arrive. Once the new memory arrives you require to unplug every thing once again. Once you open the tower you will notice that each memory stick has a bar on either end that is holding it into place. Push the bar gently away from the memory stick. In most instances this will unseat the memory and you just lift it out. If it is nevertheless firmly seated, pull firmly and it will pop out.

Take the new memory sticks and put them into the slots exactly where you just removed the old memory. Push them firmly, employing an even amount of pressure on each the prime and bottom. They will snap into spot. Push the bars back into position, locking the memory into location. You are accomplished.

Close the tower, plug the laptop in and reboot your program.