Perfect Technologies in Iron Man 2


It is reviewed that LG Crystal or Multi-Touch Microsoft Surface has developed a lot of inspiration to many film-makers. From that, a lot of masterworks have been introduced. Every summer season, blockbuster movies are shown to satisfy fans’ expectation. Among a lot of types of film, scientific fiction films bring a foreseen future to viewers. These films are utopia but definitely fascinating.


In Iron Man 2, Dr. Tony Stark is armed with the most high-tech and sophisticated weapons which take concepts from well-liked merchandise. They are cell phones with the crystal keypad (LG GD900), the smart navigation interface like sensible phones (Very first Else of Emblaze), the multi-touch tablet (Microsoft Surface’s trademark), the worldwide search tool (Google) and a lot of attributes that make viewers consider about the two-screen pc (Courier)



Crystal cell telephone


Huge size touch screen can determine motion


Ultramodern technologies enchants viewers



Google search tool shows its function


Wise interface was created in Marvel Studios


Multi-touch coffee table





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