Pengcheng Electrical Appliances Possibilities Gorgeous Countryside Evolution – Bringing House

tags 2009 years Bringing home appliances Opportunities “heaven.” Whether organization or sales of home appliances production enterprises, bringing house appliances are all in this extraordinary period of financial crisis, the sales for “Breakthrough” a likelihood. Pengcheng electrical appliances to the countryside as the city’s bid, a single of circulation, how to seize the opportunity to go to the countryside property appliances in the enterprise quickly increasing share of sales? Some of its practice need to learn from its peers.

Yesterday (June 1, 2009), Peng Cheng Electric has sent a truck bringing residence appliances goods.

Rural regions from February sales of residence appliances considering that the starting, Pengcheng Electric has been selling “home appliances to the countryside” items more than 2000 units, achieved sales of a lot more than 400 million.

As a city of only two

Zhejiang Province, “house appliances to the countryside,” one particular of the effective tenderer circulation, Pengcheng Electric’s competitors not only the flow of yet another productive business, but also numerous successful merchandise, residence appliances to the countryside distribution point, however, is in the layers of electrical Pengcheng surrounded by the “escape” out of residence appliances to the countryside to the enterprise market place expansion, specifically in urban and rural market weight.

Pengcheng Electric common manager, mentioned Yang Jianwei, is in a position to residence appliances to the countryside with a greater performance level, not only since Pengcheng appliances ten years of development have been laid in the citizens in a strong mass base, but also in the company’s house appliances to the countryside from the outset with a series of positive measures to expand the industry.

The establishment of house appliances to the countryside products

window Yesterday, from the town of Hua Xu Pengcheng, a to electrical appliances, would like to purchase a

Air conditioning . Getting into the mall, they see the desk at the entrance side of the home appliances to the countryside. For house appliances to the countryside policy is not really understanding of Mr. Xu, a person can just seek the advice of a initial desk.

Den told reporters, house appliances countryside activities started, some buyers on how to purchase, how to get subsidies, cost, service and other concerns are not quite clear, for the comfort of customers, purchasing malls will be specially set up under appliances Township Services window, to help shoppers realize the residence appliances variety of items to rural areas, subsidies, application procedures, etc., goods for the consumer to buy house appliances to the countryside to offer one-quit service. At present, Pengcheng electrical shop is tense

Decoration , New store opening, also intends to set up bringing house appliances sales location, convenient to consumers.

It is understood that, as a city the size of appliance sales industry, enterprise, Zhejiang Pengcheng electrical appliances to the countryside profitable distribution firms, they actively promote home appliances to the countryside policies. Newspapers,

Television , Banners and even delivery to rural regions of the team have become the company’s media policy and promotion of the countryside. From the outside

Advertisement To store the information to guide the layout of retailers are focused products and home appliances to the countryside logo.

Agency that bought the newspaper subsidies

It is understood that the category household appliances, including home appliances to the countryside

Tv Refrigerators (such as freezers), washing machines, mobile phones, computer systems, air conditioners, water heaters and so on. Presently,

Changhong , TCL, a new fly, Haier, Panasonic, Extended Wood, Jin winning such a large number of domestic and international brand-name merchandise residence appliances to the countryside, have been achieved in Pengcheng electrical supply and docking.

Accordance with the relevant policies and regulations, at present, consumer appliances to the countryside to purchase products, you can declare economic subsidies in two methods: Initial, the consumer information that comes their behalf by the sales outlets Second, the consumer details that comes with its own to the City Finance Workplace “residence appliances to the countryside to declare economic subsidies to declare the window.”

Den told reporters, in order to enable shoppers to get subsidies for the 1st time, purchasing malls declare the implementation of the subsidy “that is to buy the newspaper,” the every day reporting needs relevant and timely reporting of material economic sector. The economic sector right after getting the components reviewed, normally within 15 operating days set aside subsidies. “That is to acquire the newspaper” to the maximum extent of time savings in material declaration, so that customers will be capable to get subsidies for the shortest possible time.