Pen or Pencil?


When hunting for that particular gift, occasionally a present giver finds themselves in a conundrum. Shouls they buy a handcrafted pen or pencil?  Pens are created for writing large volumes of perform, each day writing, journal entries and the like.  Pencils are produced for jotting down tips, scientific calculations or basic arithmetic. Pencil leads in handcrafted pens generally are either 5mm or 7mm in size.  They are much thinner and more fragile than a standard pencil.  Most handcrafted pencils are made in either a twist or click mechanism, with the click mechanism becoming by far the most popular.

Although not as popular as pens, handcrafted pencils have quite gorgeous grain and coloration that you just do not locate in mass created store purchased penscils.  At many pen turners shops, they use several distinct varieties of hardwoods to show off their pencils.  Highly grained, brilliantly colored, they are treasured and can be passed down from generation to generation.  Apart from making use of hardwoods, they use extremely colorful and vibrant acrylic and poly resin banks to add extra texture to the pencil.


A matched pen and pencil set tends to make the perfect present as the user will have the option of using either pen or pencil.  Wood workers manufacture matched sets in their whole line and provide double hardwood wooden boxes to compliment the set.  Verify out the web site of a neighborhood pen crafter to view their selection of hardwood and acrylic combinations.


Fine stationery retailers will carry the huge manufacturer’s greatest styles, and they are properly produced but mass created.  To give a exclusive present, look for a wood worker that specializes in pens and pencils.  You can be assured you will not see what they supply elsewhere.  Most wood workers also select their own hardwoods to operate with whilst the mass producers get in bulk and rely on a certain percentage of rejects.


Pen crafters choose each and each piece of hardwood they use and know how every single writing instrument will turn out. Many also go out on “wood hunts” following key windstorms to see what Mother Nature has provided. Some also reclaim hardwoods that may possibly have once been flooring, siding, underlayment for roofs, barns, etc. and clean them up and turn lovely pens and pencils out of them.  A excellent instance can be observed on many websites.  Look at their  line of pens and pencils and see what they have to offer you.  The final item appears nothing at all like the wood.


So, for that ideal handcrafted gift, appear no further than your neighborhood wood worker.  Browse though a catalog at one particular of their websites and get ideas. Many can always be contacted to support locate that perfect pen and/or pencil mixture you’re searching for or to provide advice for a comprehensive desk set.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and when you see some of the offerings available, you will be truly satisfied, and the receiver of your gift will thank you from their heart.


© Paul Witmer 2010

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