Path of Exile [3.2]: Crit Tectonic Slam JUGG – Develop Guide

Path of Exile [3.2]: Crit Tectonic Slam JUGG – Create Guide


Welcome to three.2 Exile, and with it, a brand new talent: Tectonic Slam. This skill is intriguing in its use of Endurance Charges, of which it consumes to do more harm. Generally Endurance Charges only provide defensive bonuses, but with this ability they can also be offense! So with that in mind, we are going to be creating about keeping these charges, and there is no far better class to do that with than the JUGGERNAUT Baby.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: 00:22
Build Summary: 01:37
Pros & Cons: 04:14
Class & Ascendancy Options: 04:56
Passive Tree & Progression: 05:47
Gem Hyperlinks: 07:07
Gearing & Flasks: 08:12
– Primary Gear: 08:12
– Flasks: 12:ten
– Jewels: 12:50
Leveling Suggestions: 13:15
Conclusion: 14:18

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