Pakistan’s Exports Of Electronic Items Appreciate Tariff Preferences


Effect on July 1 this year, Shenzhen exported to Pakistan






, Toys and other related items, can get pleasure from preferential tariff reduction, which will no doubt bring far more business to expand the Shenzhen international market place possibilities.

Yesterday, the reporter discovered from Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in accordance with the “China – Pakistan Cost-free Trade Agreement” in the process table, China – Pakistan FTA complete tariff reduction method on July 1 will be officially launched. Time, accounting for 85% of the total export tax products with the “China – Pakistan Totally free Trade preferential origin


“Government of Pakistan can get pleasure from the preferential therapy offered to tariff reduction. Similarly, goods imported from Pakistan, also with “Pakistan – the preferential certificate of origin” to appreciate the Chinese government to give preferential tariff reduction. “China – Pakistan Totally free Trade Agreement” is following the “China – ASEAN free trade zone goods trade agreement” and “China – Chile Totally free Trade Agreement” after the third of China’s overseas signing free trade agreements.

Pakistan is China’s friendly neighbors. In current years, bilateral economic and trade development of China and Pakistan quick. China’s merchandise exports to Pakistan are mainly higher


Goods, chemical products,

Plastic Goods


Property Appliances

So, our primary goods imported from Pakistan for the cotton





Aquatic Goods

And so on.

According to “China – Pakistan Free of charge Trade Agreement,” the agreement, China and Pakistan will be a two-stage implementation of tariff reduction on all goods. The 1st phase of 5 years following entry into force of the agreement, each accounting for 85% of their total tariff lines of products variety according to diverse tariff reduction implementation of tariff reduction, the products of which 35.6% tariff will be reduced to zero in 3 years. The second phase of the first 6 years from the entry into force beginning target is not too extended period of time, to eradicate the quantity of tariff lines and trade volume accounts for 90% tariffs on merchandise.

Specialists think that the implementation of the Agreement will bring a lot more organization opportunities in Shenzhen. Pakistan announced the tariff reduction list, contains the majority of strong exports, Shenzhen, such as: mechanical items, electronic goods, chemical goods, aquatic merchandise, plastic goods,

Rubber items

, Clothing, footwear,






, Optical, photographic gear, watches and clocks, lighting fixtures, toys products.

AQSIQ in entry-exit inspection and quarantine agencies around from January 1, 2004 has currently began issuing the “China – Pakistan Free Trade Location Preferential Certificates of Origin.” But now Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine issued the certificate the circumstances, export enterprises in Shenzhen City, China and Pakistan did not take full advantage of tariff concessions. Year 2006, Shenzhen issued only two “China – Pakistan Free Trade Region Preferential Certificates of Origin.” Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminds businesses, to make their items effectively to the customs of Pakistan to enjoy preferential treatment must be early enterprises eligible to apply for inspection and quarantine authorities, “China – Pakistan Totally free Trade Location Preferential Certificates of Origin” to boost their own items in international trade competitiveness.

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