Pain, sensitivity to light, blindness: what is dangerous is mascara with expired shelf life

Pain, sensitivity to light, blindness: what is dangerous is mascara with expired shelf life

How important is it to wash off makeup before going to bed? Very, very important. And how important is it to keep track of the shelf life of cosmetics? Perhaps a little less (recently we, for example, told why the overdue Sanskrin is better than nothing), but much depends on what product is being discussed. If the product comes into contact with the mucous membranes, it is better not to use it. Not sure if this is really necessary? The story that we will tell you below will probably convince you.

50-year-old Shirley Potter (Shirley Potter) was delighted when she found out that she could spend the whole evening with her daughters. She had a difficult period associated with kidney failure and a subsequent kidney transplant, so it seemed that something she did not need to restore. The irony is that just after this evening, the Adelaide woman faced painful pain in her eyes, became legally blind and most likely completely lost her sight for the next three years. The reason – mascara, the expiration date of which expired approximately 20 years ago.

“I was delighted when I found out that I was due for the evening. So I bought a new outfit, went to the hairdresser and for the first time in a long time decided to make make-up, – says the woman of the Daily Mail. “And the next morning my husband Steve noticed that my eyes were incredibly red.”

Potter explains that she was born with a defect in her left eye, so she never felt anything associated with him. “But this morning, my eyes ached painfully, and it just made me nervous,” adds Shirley Potter. Of course, she immediately went to the ophthalmologist, but the specialist could not find anything unusual in her eyes.

“Despite the fact that the clinic assured me that everything was in order, I felt that my vision was deteriorating ,” recalls Potter. “I suffered pain until one day I came across a baby carriage in a shopping center near the house. I honestly could not see her, and then Steve said that we need to go back to the doctor to understand what’s wrong. “

After repeated visits to different ophthalmologists, Shirley Potter eventually diagnosed a serious infection in both eyes. “The doctor asked me directly whether I used old makeup before it started. And I confessed that I used very old mascara that evening, which I spent with my daughters, “adds Shirley. It should be understood that the carcass, which the woman made up eyelashes, was about 20 years. On the other hand, she assures that the product looked normal, plus, it did not emit any unpleasant smell.

Then the doctor asked Ms. Potter if she knew about the shelf life of cosmetic products . “To be frank, before I did not think that decorative tools can be used only for a certain time. But then I immediately climbed the Internet and found out that the ink after the opening is stored only 6 months “, – says Shirley Potter.

The ophthalmologist prescribed a course of powerful antibiotics for the woman , but Shirley’s vision, alas, was too seriously damaged. “Recently I became legally blind. That is, I will have to hand over my driver’s license, along with this losing my independence, “she sums up. But it, however not the most terrible. Now experts say Shirley that during the next three years she is likely to almost completely lose her sight.

“Changes are taking place, and I feel it. Even at night, I try not to go out because of the light emanating from traffic lights, street lamps and cars, “Potter explains, adding that because of the terrible diagnosis, she developed anxiety associated with lighting.

In conclusion, let’s say that mascara of 20 years ago, of course, there is not in each cosmetic bag. But, as in the case of a resident of Australia who has not taken off her makeup for almost 25 years , this can be an important reminder of what skin care procedures can be skipped and which – in no case.

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