Orgasm at sneezing: how is this possible (and is it possible at all)

Orgasm at sneezing: how is this possible (and is it possible at all)

Among all the myths about sex that exist in this world, one of the most surprising is the one that says that every time we sneeze, we experience mini-orgasm. But this, of course, is an invention and provocation. In the end, if the sneezing and the truth caused the same feelings as orgasm, people, something tells us, would not be in a hurry to cope with the symptoms of their seasonal allergies.

However, as in most myths, this too has a piece of truth. “People are tempted to compare sneezing and orgasm, because both actions are short-lived, concluding and causing pleasant sensations,” says Refinery29 relationship expert Claudia Six.

Orgasm is the removal of muscle tension (+ a powerful surge of chemicals in the brain). Sneezing is also a stress relieving, but only in the process of getting rid of the allergen, about which the nerve endings were told to the brain, with the help of muscles. When this message reaches the brain, the abdominal and pectoral muscles are compressed so that the lungs are able to release a large jet of air through the nose and mouth, thereby displacing the irritating particles. When the story ends, the muscles of the chest and abdomen relax, which provokes a feeling of light, vaguely similar to what happens during orgasm.

“This concludes the similarities between orgasm and sneezing,” sums up Sixx. – In this case, the fact that an orgasm in the brain there is a strong release of “happy” chemicals, tells the two actions a huge difference. ”

Of course, we can not say that when we sneeze we do not get pleasant chemical compounds. Simply because both during sneezing and orgasm are produced endorphins that make the body feel good. “But the amount of endorphins released by sneezing is significantly less than the amount released during sex, so comparing these things is unreasonable,” says Business Insider sexologist Vanessa Thompson.

And here it’s time to remember the second part of the myth, when people think that if someone sneezes several times in a row, it surely looks like an orgasm. Alas, nothing like that. “There is no cumulative effect when sneezing. Even if you do it twenty times in a row, you still will not get the same sensations as when you are having an orgasm, “Thompson comments.

Nevertheless, there is a small connection between sneezing and sexual arousal. In 2008, the otolaryngologist Mahmood Bhutta (Mahmood Bhutta) published a case study, during which he studied people with uncontrolled sneezing during sexual arousal. And although no final conclusions were made in it, the scientist suggested that the case may be in the features of the autonomic nervous system of man.

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