Volume 3 Issue 5

Volume 3 Issue 5 – May 2016 Edition

  • Review Paper Based on Cleaning Robot
    Author(s): Prof. Ms. Swati Pawar, Naman Aggarwal, Piyusha Chaudhari, Akshay Mahalkar, Anshul Mishra PP:6-8
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  • Enhanced Online Authentication Using Virtual Password
    Author(s):  Ms. Shubhangi Wagalgave, Prof. Abdulla Shaik, Prof. P. Ramtekkar  PP:9-12
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  • Analysis of Dividend Policy (A Comparative Study of Selected Public and Private Sector Companies)
    Author(s): Manish Manglik, Dr.AkhilGoyal  PP:13-14
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  • Face Recognition in Non-Uniform Motion Using Raspberry Pi
    Author(s):  Janhavi Katle, Sayali Pujari,Samrudhi Joshi , Tejal Ranpise,, Prof. Sanjeev Kumar Angadi  PP:15-17
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  • Geometrical Study of 2D Method of Characteristics (MOC) Nozzle
    Author(s):  Jithu Thomas, Mubarak A K  PP:18-21
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  • A Ratio Analysis of Sri Sai Ltd: A Case Study
    Author(s): Dr.Seema Shokeen PP:22-26
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  • A Study of Load Carrying Capacity of cracked Weld Joint using Finite Element Analysis
    Author(s): Rajshekhar B A, Dr H V Ramakrishna, Nagabhushana Musalammagri  PP:27-29
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  • Career development is highly depends on professional knowledge and skill development through training programme in tourism sector
    Author(s): Dr. Sudatta Banerjee  PP:30-31
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  • Software Fault Prediction with Metric Threshold Using Clustering Algorithm
    Author(s): S.Nandhini Devi  PP:35-39
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  • Converged Infrastructure Management of Next Generation Data Center
    Author(s): Ananth Prabhu M, Srikanth Bhat K  PP:40-42
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  • A Robust image representation and learning method using SVM for image retrieval
    Author(s): Arati D.K, Dr. Praveen Kumar,  PP:43-47
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