Volume 1 Issue 4

  1. Diminution Of Natural Resources: With Special Reference To Dungarpur
    Author(s): Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma, Mr. Praveen Singh Click Here to Download

  2. Self – Destruction Data System For Object Based Active Storage Framework
    Author(s) Name: Ms. B. N. Kamde Mr. J. Adhikari Ms. S. Parate Click Here to Download

  3. Wireless Transmission of Power “A New Era Of Development”
    Author(s) Name: Ms. Swati Joshi Click Here to Download

  4. Light Fidelity At Some Inclined Angle
    Author(s) Name: Krishnan. B, Vishal. N.S Click Here to Download

  5. Analysis And Reduction Of Power Using Gating Techniques Near Subthreshold Region
    Author(s) Name: Mrs.C.N.Kalaivani, A.Biju Anusha Click Here to Download

  6. A New Approach For Copyright Authentication For Image Communication
    Author(s) Name: Miss: C Poornamma, Mr. Ajay Pinto Click Here to Download

  7. Digital Image Watermarking Based On Canny Edge Detection and Texture Block in DWT
    Author(s) Name: Mr: Sachin Y Chilkandi, Mrs: Naseema Banu U M Click Here to Download

  8. Hybrid Watermarking Scheme with Reduction Of Noises For Color Images
    Author(s) Name: Miss: Jagadevi Methre, Mr: Sanjeevi Kumar Click Here to Download

  9. A Graph-theory based approach for Water pipe-line system
    Author(s) Name: Pritam kumar Suryavanshi, Khilendra kumar Sinha, Hrishikesh Upadhye Click Here to Download

  10. Incorporating Logical Computation on Stochastic bit streams
    Author(s) Name: Durgesh Samariya, Ajay Matariya, Yashswini Varangaonkar, Prof. Karthikeyan K. Click Here to Download


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