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tags 2010 five 1 remarkable opening of the Shanghai Planet Expo, but this will be one more highlight of Expo, Expo Shanghai On-line will stick to the same time. 150 years of history with the Planet Expo, has been the way physical exhibition venues, the Expo Shanghai Online Expo century precedent is produced.

The 1st application of WEB3D Expo On-line Technologies Panoramic show of 5.28 square kilometers Shanghai Huangpu River in Shanghai World Expo Park, three-dimensional overview of about 400 large and little park pavilion, you can immediately transform distinct image … … get pleasure from the day and night, individuals can park and the Pavilion line arbitrary roaming, with interactive exhibition items, although staying at property, but as immersive. Web customers about the planet are obtainable by means of the Internet knowledge the infinite charm of Shanghai Planet Expo.

Expo internet site, mentioned Wang Liping, director of operations, on-line visit the Pavilion from the Expo and expertise the Pavilion, the virtual space to create 3 parts. Globe Expo in Shanghai following the end of On the internet Expo will be permanently retained, this will make China the 2010 Shanghai Globe Expo will turn out to be the subsequent World Expo will be never ever ending.

“Internet Planet Expo” is unprecedented in the construction of the Expo more than the World wide web, the 1 from the network technologies firm in Shanghai, China played an essential role, this is the Shanghai Technology Improvement Co., Ltd. Chong Diagram.

Online Expo stage: construction of technical barriers

2002 12 months, the International Exhibition Bureau finalized the 132nd General Assembly held in Shanghai Expo 2010. In 2004, primarily based on the “never ever ending of the Globe Expo,” the creativity and tips, the Expo Organizing Committee for the “Net Globe Expo” test the technical feasibility of the project, utilizing the then French foreign leading technology, developed a very first prototype of “Web World Expo application development” .

Nevertheless, in practice only to find the company’s plug-in from France and technologies implementation in the nation when there are some technical difficulties solved. Due to the fact of technical efficiency in the face rendering bottleneck, resulting in the most ordinary domestic Laptop On the net web page can not be accomplished with smooth 3-dimensional view.

Shanghai Chong Figure stepped in: Energy Online Expo to turn out to be a reality

At that moment, stepped in Shanghai creative map. Relying on its own technical strength, effectively developed a new version of the “Internet World Expo application development”, using the far more advanced three-dimensional Web to spread the core technology. The new version of the “World wide web Planet Expo application Exhibition” Expo Organizing Committee received high praise: “WEBMAX has been deemed ahead of replacing the international advanced foreign technology, its run price to attain five-6 times. So that the viewer by way of the ordinary Computer And the network environment can smooth the on the internet 3D virtual atmosphere, but also adds a richer, more realistic interactive characteristics, and lovely screen, interface is easy and sensible. “

“Nowadays bring to remain memorable.” President of Shanghai Science and Technology Li Xin mixed feelings generate plans, “then the complete firm from best to bottom is only a belief they have to ensure the smooth progress of the Internet Expo. Was actually a race against time, brings collectively all the technical backbone, overtime, and at times room and board in the organization ultimately completed the job on schedule. “

2007 year, the Shanghai Planet Expo “Planet Exhibitors Conference” held by the record map and Technology Expo Board once more commissioned to produce never ever ending primarily based on the premise of the Planet Expo, interactive way to knowledge the exhibitors for the planet to supply a wealthy media network show Solutions And exhibitors to the global publishing the Common Assembly, for the exhibitors to offer an intuitive understanding of the construction of Expo Shanghai On the web museum and info channel.

2009 12 months, the Shanghai Technologies Improvement Co., Ltd. Chong Diagram relevant departments advised by the National Science and Technologies, Shanghai Software program Evaluation Center technical indicators tested by the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination Expert Overview, final confirmation for the Expo the only on the internet provider of core technologies.